Current members of the team

Monica A. Amundsen   In S12 she takes care of the workshop, assists visiting artists, gives courses and creates her own work.

Æsa Björk was one of the founders of S12 in 2005, and managing director until summer 2011, and since then has been its artistic advisor.  Today she is employed at the School of Art and Design, Sculpture/Dimensional Studies at Alfred University, NY.  In 1997 she received her Masters degree from the Glass Department of Edinburgh College of Art. She also studied as an exchange student at the Prague Academy of Art and Design with Professor Vladimir Kopecky in 1994.  She has spent considerable time at the Pilchuck Glass School both as a student, TA and Emerging Artist in Residence.  In 1996 she was an artist in residence at the Corning Museum of Glass.

Æsa’s work focuses on the different layers of experience and meaning.  She is interested in the boundaries between the inner and outer layers of being, and how we experience ourselves in a given situation.  She often works with bold and poetic glass objects that become part of a larger installation.  Her work has been shown internationally and she has had several public art commissions in Norway.   aesa  [ at ] aesabjork [ dot ] net  www.aesabjork.net

Maria Frantzsen is a coordinator for several projects and programs at S12.  She has been working with glass as a medium since 1996 and earned a 1st class BA (HONS) degree in 2002, followed by a Masters degree in 2004 from the Glass department at Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland.  She attended Canberra School of Art as an exchange student in 2001 and has attended summer classes at Northlands Creative Glass and the Pilchuck Glass School.  She has been active as a teacher of both art and glass on different levels and has a degree in art education from Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

Maria´s work develops within the sphere of personal and collective memory where she is particularly interested in how we store and present mementoes of lived life.  Her work is in the public collection of West Norway Museum of Decorative Art and Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum.  maria [ at ] s12 [ dot ] no

Anett Haukås is a coordinator at S12.  She has her education from the University of Bergen and received an MA in Art History (2011)  and a BA in Visual Arts and Culture (2007).  anett [ at ] s12 [ dot ] no

Bergljót Jónsdóttir  has been the director of S12 since 2012.  She has a diploma in European Cultural Management, and an MS in Music and Music Education from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA.  In 1999 she was named “Chevalier des Arts et Lettres” by the French Ministry of Culture.  She was the first director of Nordic Culture Point in Helsinki, Finland from 2007 – 2011.  In 1995 – 2004 Bergljót served as director of the Bergen International Festival in Norway and from 1986 – 1994 as director for the Iceland Music Information Centre.

She has been a member of the Norwegian Arts Council and board member of several cultural institutions, including the Norwegian National Opera and the National Museum in Oslo.   She has worked throughout her career to promote culture and the arts in both national, regional and international contexts.  bj [ at ] s12 [ dot ] no




Previous members of the S12 team

Alli Hoag was an artist in residence at S12 Gallery and Workshop and serving as the Workshop Manager from August 2013  through July 2014.  Her recent work involves installations exploring the blurred line between the real and imagined experience utilizing glass and mixed media.  After completing her MFA at Alfred University in 2012, she served the past year as Adjunct Professor at Alfred University teaching Sculpture and Glass.  She has exhibited both nationally and internationally, and is currently working toward her 2014 solo exhibition at Urbanglass, in Brooklyn, NY in November 2014.

Damien François is an artist who joined the S12 team in March 2012.  He studied at The Danish Design School, Center for Glass and Ceramics on Bornholm, where he graduated in 2010 with a BA in Glass. His role is to take care of the workshop, assist visiting artists, give courses as well as create his own work. His work is primarily driven by responses of material experimentation. Based on the exploration and exploitation of the multitude of possibilities that glass offers, his work aims to approach issues of perplexity and uncertainty. He is interested in the unfamiliar side of the glass’s characteristics.  www.damienfrancois.com

Terese Longva received her BFA at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University in 2008. She studied at the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland, followed by three years at Kosta Glass School in Sweden. She also studied at Aalesund School of Art in Aalesund, Norway.  Longva has shown her work at various venues in the USA and Europe. She is works in a range of mediums, but video and performance has a central place in her work, in which she looks at different aspects of the human condition such as how we construct different Selves in reaction to varied expectations of society, and how we constantly struggle to learn our social roles while at the same time break out of them to know ourselves. As part of the collaborative partnership Longva+Carpenter, Longva also investigates topics such as personal longings, feminist ideology and political urgency.  www.tereselongva.com

Herdis Torsvik

Ingrid Nord

Beate Einen

Linn Kalseth

Katie Ukleja was an intern at S12 from October to December 2013.  She has a BA in Art Theory from the College of Fine Arts—University of New South Wales, Australia (2013).  In 2011 she was part of a group of students who visited the Istanbul and Venice Biennales where she participated in a unique course involving intensive on-site research.  She has worked at galleries in Australia, England and now Norway.  While working at S12 she was involved in all aspects of the gallery including planning and realising exhibitions and overseeing the gallery space.  Katie has an interest in contemporary Indigenous art which she intends to focus on during her Masters studies.  kate [ at ] ukleja [ dot ] com

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