Jeffrey Samiento

My work is an exploration of culture from the perspective of a perpetual foreigner. Words, images, artefacts, and the urban landscape activate my curiosity, and challenge me to look deeper to uncover hidden narratives. Social history, biography (of people and objects), anecdote, and fiction colour my interpretations, and I attempt to draw meanings beyond what is initially visible to construct a sense of place.

I am a maker of intricate glass objects. With them, I attempt to create connections within complex histories. It is the material that manipulates ways of seeing. I develop methods of combining glass with the graphic image, constructing layers of information and embedding the image within the object. The result is quite literally the fusion of form and content.

Whilst exposing the foreign within familiar histories of other people, my creative practice remains autobiographical. It is through the artwork that I can express myself and show the way I see the world around me. Paradoxically, It is how I make familiar what seems foreign.

Resultat av opphold i Bergen: