The exhibition-concept HANSEartWORKS is arranged for the 10th time in 2016 as part of the 36th International Hanseatic days in Bergen.

HANSEartWORKS 2016 is hosted by three main venues, S12 Galleri og Verksted, KRAFT Rom for Kunsthåndverk, and the city hall from the 10th of June until the 31rst of July 2016.  One of the works will in addition be shown at several outside venues, starting at Fredriksberg Festning for the Hanseatic weekend.

The exhibition is focusing on the balance between artistic freedom and constraint.

Rules both written and unwritten play important roles in our daily lives as well as in the way which we approach materials, tradition and the creative process. Igor Stravinsky once said: “my freedom will be so much greater and more meaningful the more narrowly I limit my field of action and the more I surround myself with obstacles.” (Poetics of Music in the form of six Lessons, Harvard University Press 1942). As a symbol of trade, regulations and artistic opportunity artists and designers of all disciplines from the Hanseatic cities has been invited to submit work that focuses on the craft and the material while at the same time fitting perfectly the constraining format of a EUR-pallet on which it is both shipped and displayed.

Participating Hanseatic cities with artists:

Alar Raudoja ”Leonardo”, Pärnu
Yvonne Habbe, Visby
Matiass Jansons , Cesis
Amit Goffer, Neuss
Trine Hovden, Bergen
Barbara Lorenz Höfer, Buxtehode
Lucie Marsmann, Herford
Filip Ignatowich, Gdansk
Marijke Schellekens, Doesburg
Hans Gerd Rehpenning, Stade
Uwe Schloen, Buxtehude
Eva Preckwinkel, Onsnabrück
”Art Cube” – Marcus Shramm, Astrid Brünner, Greifswaldt
Manfred Feith-Umbehr, Lippstadt
Janno Bergmann, Pärnu
Marit Tunestveit Dyre, Bergen

Artist talk
June 11th at 2pm in S12.
Janno Bergmann, Amit Goffer, Marit Tunestveit Dyre, Filip Ignatowich, Matiass Jansons and Marcus Shramm.

The exhibition is curated by Martin Woll Godal and Æsa Björk on behalf of the city of Bergen.

The opening found place Friday the 10th of June as follows:
18:00 Opening Rådhusgalleriet
18:30 Opening S12
19:00 Opening KRAFT
19:40 Opening Fredriksberg