Hitoshi Kuriyama

Hitoshi Kuriyama was an artist in residence at S12 from August 21st to September 21st.  The first week was used to build a new work which was a part of the exhibition <em>What Dwells Inside </em>that opened on August 30th.  After that he used his time working on two projects:

Making glass balls and working with the pressure of air inside / outside, emptying the balls of air.

Photographing the night view of Bergen.  This is a project Kuriyama has been working on in the East, most recently in Seoul.  Now he is adding  Scandinavia to the scenery.  Bergen is surrounded by seven mountains making it an ideal place to find a point from where he can capture city lights and create a view from outer-space down to earth, through photographing with a  4 – 5 hour exposure.   But first he has to find the Polar-star  /  the Northern star.



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