Palo Macho: The Glass Canvas

Med glasset som..

In this solo exhibition we´ll get to know the unique and distinctive glass paintings of the internationally renowned artist Palo Macho (b. 1965, Slovakia).

Palo Macho  is one of the most original contemporary glass artists in Slovakia, known for his innovative approach to glass. His artistic expression and technique differs from the Slovak glass school where glass objects perfectly cut in to geometric shapes with optical qualities are central. As both a painter and a glassmaker he is expanding the limits of the two disciplines.

The paintings of Palo Macho differ in many ways from the traditional glass painting and two-dimensional paintings in general. Macho creates abstract and lyric paintings where he shapes and molds the surface as well as the inner layers of the glass. By mixing transparent and opaque glass and dividing the surface into matte and translucent areas he creates an interesting and vibrant expression which changes according to the light it is exposed to. His pictures or “picture objects” as some call them, are reversible and can be experienced from multiple angles. By assembling together several layers of painted and processed sheet glass he achieves depth and inner space in his work.

Despite the fact that most of his pictures do not have a recognizable narrative, some of his pictures may be perceived as particularly scenic – and thus give the spectator the opportunity to attribute their own stories. Since we are not given descriptive titles, we are left to trust our own aesthetic experience when interpreting the work.

Palo Macho began working with glass in 1980 at the Secondary School of Applied Arts of Glass in former Czechoslovakia where he studied until 1986. Beginning in 1989, he continued his studies in glass at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia, under Juraj Gavula, a glass artist noted for his contemporary mixed-media works. Macho also has a background in painting and design that has influenced his glass art. He studied painting and fine arts in 1993, at the École des Beaux Arts in St. Etienne, France. Today he works as an assist. Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Macho has shown his work in various European countries, Japan and USA. This is his first solo exhibition in Norway.

Vernissage 12th of August at 7 pm



The exhibition-concept HANSEartWORKS is arranged for the 10th time in 2016 as part of the 36th International Hanseatic days in Bergen.

HANSEartWORKS 2016 is hosted by three main venues, S12 Galleri og Verksted, KRAFT Rom for Kunsthåndverk, and the city hall from the 10th of June until the 31rst of July 2016.  One of the works will in addition be shown at several outside venues, starting at Fredriksberg Festning for the Hanseatic weekend.

The exhibition is focusing on the balance between artistic freedom and constraint.

Rules both written and unwritten play important roles in our daily lives as well as in the way which we approach materials, tradition and the creative process. Igor Stravinsky once said: “my freedom will be so much greater and more meaningful the more narrowly I limit my field of action and the more I surround myself with obstacles.” (Poetics of Music in the form of six Lessons, Harvard University Press 1942). As a symbol of trade, regulations and artistic opportunity artists and designers of all disciplines from the Hanseatic cities has been invited to submit work that focuses on the craft and the material while at the same time fitting perfectly the constraining format of a EUR-pallet on which it is both shipped and displayed.

Participating Hanseatic cities with artists:

Alar Raudoja ”Leonardo”, Pärnu
Yvonne Habbe, Visby
Matiass Jansons , Cesis
Amit Goffer, Neuss
Trine Hovden, Bergen
Barbara Lorenz Höfer, Buxtehode
Lucie Marsmann, Herford
Filip Ignatowich, Gdansk
Marijke Schellekens, Doesburg
Hans Gerd Rehpenning, Stade
Uwe Schloen, Buxtehude
Eva Preckwinkel, Onsnabrück
”Art Cube” – Marcus Shramm, Astrid Brünner, Greifswaldt
Manfred Feith-Umbehr, Lippstadt
Janno Bergmann, Pärnu
Marit Tunestveit Dyre, Bergen

Artist talk
June 11th at 2pm in S12.
Janno Bergmann, Amit Goffer, Marit Tunestveit Dyre, Filip Ignatowich, Matiass Jansons and Marcus Shramm.

The exhibition is curated by Martin Woll Godal and Æsa Björk on behalf of the city of Bergen.

The opening found place Friday the 10th of June as follows:
18:00 Opening Rådhusgalleriet
18:30 Opening S12
19:00 Opening KRAFT
19:40 Opening Fredriksberg

Glassblåsingskurs II

S12 Galleri og Verksted inviterer til kurs for viderekommende i glassblåsing.

Tema: Elastisitet- gi slipp og ta kontroll!

Vi vil repetere grunnprinsippene i glassblåsing fra innføringskurset og bygge videre på disse med å lage en unik form som vi skal blåse glass inn i. Formen vil du som kursdeltager lage selv med kobbertråd. Det blir laget to objekter som dere kan ta med hjem.

Maks 6 deltakere pr kurs.
Varighet: 3 timer
Tid: onsdag 29. juni kl.17-20
Pris: kr 700
Krav: innføringskurs i glassblåsing. Kurset passer for voksne over 18 år.

Påmelding sendes til post(att)

Vi tar forbehold om avlysning dersom kurset ikke skulle bli fulltegnet. Påmeldingen er bindende.


RuiSasaki_1 web

During the last months our workshop, project room and gallery has been filled with new experiments by Rui Sasaki (b. 1984, jp) who has used her time as an artist in residence in S12 to investigate the relationship between the weather – with emphasis on rain, and herself.

Sasaki is a conceptual artist who mainly works with transparent materials such as glass and ice. She is using glass as a medium for preservation and documentation of different kind of ”weather residues”, and is seeking, among other, ways to conserve, visualize and move sunlight from one place to another. This has led her to investigate self-illuminating glass that absorbs UV light such as sunshine and emits it in the dark without any light resources.

In the exhibition, PLUVIOPHILE (a lover of rain), an installation of self-illuminating glass is shown, while the theme of rain is central. Sasaki is interested in people’s relationship to the rain and how this weather phenomena influences us physically, mentally and culturally. Sasaki has captured, collected and frozen the Bergen rain in hot casted glass sculptures. In her own unique way, she has moved the weather indoors, made it more manageable and partially eliminated its ephemeral sides. The weather has become something physical she can study, shape and control.

Rui Sasakis main investigation is cast glass in a space, but she also works with the body, performance, video and photography. Sasaki graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in June 2010 with a Master of Fine Arts in Glass. She has taught glass and contemporary art at Rhode Island School of Design, Worcester State University in the US, and Kyoto University of Art and Design in Japan. She has been invited to many Artist in Residence programs around the world, and her work has been exhibited in Denmark, Italy, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Australia, Korea, Japan, and a number of places in the US. Her work is part of the permanent collections at the Museum of American Glass (US), Glasmuseet Ebeltoft (DK), the Ernsting Stiftung (DE), the city of Lommel (BE) and many private collections. Sasaki is living and working in Toyama, Japan.

This is the second time S12 is showing work by Rui Sasaki. The first time was in 2013 as part of the group exhibition Young & Loving!

Vernissage May 20 at 7 pm.

Rui Sasaki in S12

Rui Sasaki is an Artist in Residence at S12 during April & May. She is a Japanese conceptual artist mainly using transparent materials such as glass and ice in her work. In S12 she will be investigating the weather – including the rain, local plants, architecture and space – empty spaces, intimate spaces, abandoned spaces.

During the first part of her stay, she will be creating new works and showing them as they come to being – be they ready or not. She will be inviting the visitor to come close and to follow the process of creating new works, to the experimentation with the material and its form. The visitor will be invited to follow her till the end, or until the official opening of her processed based exhibition/installation PLUVIOPHILE on the 20th of May. The opening will mark the second phase of her stay in S12.

This is the second time S12 presents works by Rui Sasaki, the first time was during the exhibition Young & Loving! in 2013.

Introduksjonskurs i Glassblåsing

De tre første torsdagene i april (7. 14. 21.) inviterer vi til introduksjonskurs i glassblåsing, hvor deltakerne får et innblikk i grunnprinsippene innen arbeid med varmt glass. Hver deltaker vil få nærkontakt med materialet og oppleve hvordan man med pust, verktøy og tyngdekraften gradvis kan forme den glødende massen til et solid men likevel skjørt objekt. Målet er at alle skal få prøve å lage sitt eget glass. Det vil bli gitt god veiledning, så ingen tidligere erfaring er nødvendig. Kurset passer for voksne over 18 år.

Maks 4 deltakere pr. kurs
Varighet: ca. 2 timer. Fra kl. 18:00
Kr 500 pr. pers.

Påmelding med ønsket dag sendes til
Vi tar forbehold om avlysning dersom kursene ikke blir fulltegnet.


The exhibition BRYTNINGER is opening Friday the 5th of February at 07.oo p.m. Four artists with different backgrounds (art/research/science) are presenting work where the interaction between light and glass are important factors. By using neon or natural light, old Murano techniques or new technologies Anna-Lea Kopperi, Enrico Tommaso De Paris, Alan Jaras and Robert Wiley are making the gallery come to live with interesting light-experiments.

The exhibition is made in collaboration with Venice Art Factory and is curated by Bjørn I. Follevaag, Francesca Giubilei and Bergljot Jonsdottir.

plakat jpg brytning

Young & Loving 2015

Young & Loving !  Welcome to the 2015  edition, opening on October 2nd at 19.oo

Young and Loving! is a humorous translation of “young and promising”, pointing to the exhibition’s focus on newly graduated artists. An exploratory approach to glass as part of an artistic expression is a particular feature of the exhibition concept, which was developed by S12 in 2007.

Participating artists are Mika Aoki (jp), Eirin Bjørsland Hansen (no), Julia Chamberlain (us),
Karin Forslund (se), Doreen Garner (usa), Riikka Haapasaari (fin) and Zuzana Kubelková (cz).

Doreen Garner and Mika Aoki will be present at the opening.

Doreen Garner
Doreen Garner


Exhibition from August 14th – September 20th 2015
Vernissage August 14th at 7 pm
Contained.In the exhibition ”Contained”,  Alison Lowry presents a collection of works where she examines how we are constrained by ourselves, our memories and physical environment. The exhibition will include works shown at the Ebeltoft Glass museum in Denmark earlier this year, and new work where she´s dealing with similar questions.

An installation and sculptures of various sizes where Lowry responds to ideas of memory, both personal and collective, with a focus on its reconstruction and deconstruction, will be shown at S12. In her latest work Lowry is concerned with scientific approach to remembering, be it neurological and surgical, false or implied, physical and emotional.

During a residency at the Corning Museum of Glass, Alison started investigating the psychological phenomenon, ‘Repetition Compulsion’. This term was first coined by Freud in 1914, and describes a compulsion to repeat a traumatic event or the circumstances surrounding it over and over again.

This interest led to a research of memory, specifically traumatic memory and where it is placed within the brain and how we can essentially be ‘held captive’ by our past. Alison Lowry is now collaborating with Tony Gee, Professor of PET Chemistry at the Kings College London hoping that this new research will drive this body of work in new directions.

Alison Lowry is a glass artist based in Belfast. She graduated from the University of Ulster in 2009 and has since won several awards, including the Silver Medal from the Royal Ulster Academy in 2010 and the Warm Glass Prize in 2010 and 2011. Prior to her degree Alison Lowry studied textiles, completing a City and Guilds in Creative embroidery. This interest was apparent in the work she showed in the Young& Loving! exhibitions both in 2011 and 2012. Alison Lowry is an artist in resident at S12 during August.

Meet the artist during an artist talk Saturday 15th at 02.00 p.m.

For more information visit


What Once Was

I utstillingen ”What once was” viser Monica Alvestad Amundsen resultatet av de siste seks ukene som gjestekunstner i S12, hvor hun har undersøkt kompleksiteten i menneskets forhold til minner – et tema som har vært tilbakevendende i Amundsens kunstnerskap.

Gjennom arbeider hvor hun på ulike måter kombinerer glass og fotografi, søker hun å formidle en stemning og følelse som kan ta oss med på en personlig reise tilbake i tid. Bilder fra hennes private arkiv bidrar til å skape egne minner hos betrakteren, og den personlige reisen blir dermed universell.

Monica Alvestad Amundsen (f. 1984) har siden sommeren 2014 vært verkstedsansvarlig i S12 Galleri og Verksted. Hun har studert ved Fatamorgana, Danmarks Fotografiske Billedkunstskole (2011-2012), har en bachelor fra glassavdelingen ved Kunstakademiets Designskole, Bornholm (2009-2011) og hun har vært lærling hos Stine Hoff Kunstglass (2005-2008).


Utstillingen inngår i serien mellom_rom og står en uke