Bianca Nabuco

Bianca Nabuco:

Extensions, retractions, and missing parts approaches questions related to the human body, human being, and emotional aspects of inner life that I have been dealing within my practice.  It is a subjective reflection within the duality of the physicality of the body-object relationship, and the abstraction of emotional attachments as an uncontrollable human condition.

In my current work I reflect on thoughts around the presence of the body through my production, where I suggest the body through its absence placing it in objects and materials. I explore the character of incompleteness of a body and its longing for connection and relate it to the emotional expression of the object as a poetic image that can be experienced through memories and imagination—materiality as a sensory perception.  I aim to bring another dimension to objects and structures I make, adding layers and connotations to simple elements that are present in our everyday life: touching the surreal and its relation to the unconscious aspect of the mind.