Ngaio Fitzpatrick

My arts practice is multi-disciplinary and encompasses performance, architectural intervention, site specific installation, video, industrial glass and recently includes collaborative experimental music interactions in real time.

The work has a strong focus on drawing attention to polarising issues surrounding dangerous climate change. The act of shattering large industrial sheets of glass has subtexts of danger, vandalism and heightened perceptual awareness. The science of climate change is complex and difficult to communicate, particularly using scientific language and models. I use spectacle to draw the viewer in and often incorporate natural phenomena of weather; air, water and light, alluding to ephemeral forces beyond our control, bringing to the fore ideas of the Anthropocene.

Ngaio Fitzpatrick is an artist, a recipient of a 2018 Australia Endeavour Fellowship in Berlin, current Visiting Fellow with the ANU Climate Change Institute and a 2016 recipient of an ANU Vice Chancellors Artists Fellowship.

With a background in environmentally sustainable architecture and building informing her arts practice, she is particularly interested in ways in which art can be used to communicate the science of climate change in a Post-Truth world.