Zdeňka Fusková

My long-term theme is landscape. Through my work, I examine the influence of man on places that are somehow bound with me. At the beginning, these were light installations that reflected my childhood memories – namely  “High Seat” and “Image of the place”. They were specific places in the country where I went to feed the wildlife and to spend my free time. The impulse to the creation of a critical reflection was a radical change – the landscape has disappeared thanks to the industrial intervention of man. Over the  time, I have extended this personal theme to other interpretation forms, such as blown bowls with fallen trees, shaped over a burner, or circular images, working with the  broken glass reflection. Thanks to my learned experience with material such as flat glass, I have managed to build a fairly solid spatial structure in the form of trees. They become, similarly to those light installations, certain moments – memories that are both tangible and intangible. Thanks to the shadows they cast, they create a living drawing that is subject to daylight. These fine structures create the contrast between reality and matter. Trees are just as fragile as our nature. The question of the future of our environment is a topical issue. That is why I want to continue in my conception to keep appealing to reality in the form of an artefact that simultaneously moves the boundaries of material such as glass.

In my work I am dedicated to the landscape in a symbolic archetype – a tree through which I open questions about the landscape and the relationship of man to it I  portray it using broken and glued again flat glass in the installation created directly for the S12 gallery space.  Glass objects copy the true size of the original tree trunks. They speak about fragility and transience of the landscape, which, due to industrialization, fades away in contrast to the personal relationship and the memory.