Design competition


A design competition for functional and decorative objects to be made in glass. Artists and designers will apply by sending digital drawings or renderings of the designs with a description of the designer’s intent for the object or objects, which should also include the intended function.

Example: This is a drinking glass specifically designed for use with water that when filled to the indicated level provides exactly 1/4 the amount of water it is recommended one should consume per day. It is best if this design is packaged in a group of 4 glasses of different colors thus allowing a household to have at least one distinct glass for each family member. The glass is gently conical and sits flat on a base that is 8cm in diameter. The glass is 16 cm high and flares out to a lip that is 10cm in diameter. The glass has a ring or line etched approximately 14 cm from the base and the thickness of the glass at the base is 3mm thicker than the walls of the glass.

The jury will determine finalists who will have their works prototyped into glass, and winners who will be offered the opportunity to have their design produced in a limited quantity at S12 and sold through our gallery. Compensation for the designs shall be negotiated between the designers and S12 after the winners have been chosen.

Designs will be judged on a number of different criteria. Aesthetics, originality, and the feasibility of making the form in glass with the equipment available at S12.


This competition is open to artists and designers in any stage of their career from student to retired professional.


Important dates and application information

Entries will be accepted and reviewed in an ongoing basis beginning on the 1st of september and ending on November 1st. Finalists will be notified by the 14th of November. Submit proposals to proposal(at)s12(dot)no with the subject  Design Competition 2018