Upcoming openings, seminars, workshops, presentations and others you can find in our calendar here.


The lastest exhibitions and Artist in Residence.

The Gallery

Has a varied program with 4 - 5 exhibitions a year. It challenges, illuminates and demonstrates the role of glass in art and design, emphasising experimental expressions and approaches. Shows temporary, site-specific installations and supports emerging artists.

The Project Room

Is a place for experimentation, education and play. It is where advanced technical and artistic processes are presented, for all kinds of people of all ages.

The Workshop

Is a professionally equipped studio for glassblowing, casting, fusing, mold-making and coldworking. It houses our most important activities and events.


Gives knowledge about and experience with glass through workshops, courses, talks, lectures, demonstrations and exhibitions. It aims to increase the understanding of both the artistic and technical processes that enter into the creation of an artwork.

AiR / Artists in Residence

Gives artists the opportunity to experiment with the material and try out new and innovative approaches in their work. They get the opportunity to present their work in a variety of ways. The workshop and housing is provided free of charge.

Children and youth

We offer courses in working with both hot and cold glass.
Our workshops focus on active participation and creativity, where we help the participants to see the glass - not just look through it.
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