Galla Theodosis

Galla Theodosis was our artist in resident in January. Theodosis explores the combination of glass and other materials through sculptural pieces and installations, using a variety of techniques. Glass’ many qualities, both aesthetic and symbolic, are at the core of her practice.

In S12 she has been working on her floral studies, where she focuses on the relationship between two dimensional images and three dimensional objects of similar forms.

Here, the essential qualities of glass are at play : its plasticity, transparency, and its light diffraction abilities directly impact the piece which reveals itself differently depending on the angle and light under which it is seen.

These compositions are based on the translation of emotions into floral compositions, through the use of symbolics and the environment in which she creates them. Flemish Vanitas paintings  and the work of Pierre-Joseph Redouté are amongst her references.

Theodosis¬† work is part of the collections of the Museo del Vetro in Venice (IT) and of STARworks in Star (NC, USA). She has a MA in Fine Arts ‚Äď Glass from Haute √Čcole des Arts du Rhin (FR), 2015. Since then, she has been traveling in Italy, Canada, the USA, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, and Denmark to refine her knowledge and skills in the hotshop. She joined the S12 team as the¬† workshop manager in October 2021.

Dates:  Januar 2022
Galla Theodosis | S12 Galleri og Verksted