I & We

Norwegian glass

Opening 21st of May at 6 pm.


In connection to the year of glass, S12 is focusing on Norwegian glass art. The exhibition is based on an open call, and curated by Mika Drozdowska (pl) from BWA Wrocław Galleries of Contemporary Art.


The participating artists are:  Anna-Linda Gabriel, Frantzsen&Mjanger, Heidi Kristiansen, Ida Siebke Jeanne-Sophie Aas , Karin Forslund, Lene Charlotte Tangen, Maia Birkeland, Matilde Duus and Åsa Wigum Skjetne.


Chewed chewing gum, ponds of meltwater, a dotty egg, broken glass and breath to be borrowed.


At first glance, it might seem like the works in I & We  have little in common. The exhibition consists of sculptures, video, photography and performance, where both the glass’s ability to be shaped and the more conceptual approach in its use are in focus. Despite the fact that the artists use different symbols and language, they undeniably pursue their passion in working with the medium of glass. In their artistic strategy they focus on practices and narratives presenting attitudes filled with tenderness and mindfulness for the medium and the world around us. Hence, the key to the exhibition lies in the approach derived from relational ethics and entering the framework of feminism – the ethics of care.


The presented works take on the role of information carriers, like trace fossils tell future generations about our present, but they also comment it bitterly. They are an impulse to verify foregone  attitudes and raise greater awareness of artistic practice in the context of climate change and our intensive use of earth resources. In what form, or if at all, will glass still be a part of our lives in the future?

Dates:  21.05 - 14.08.22
I & We | S12 Galleri og Verksted