Lokal AiR Høst 2021

Local AiR at S12 – Autumn 2021

 To artists established in the county of Vestland.

What is Local AiR?


S12 works with a wide range of artists to explore and expand the ways glass can be used as an artform. Our Local AiR program invites artists living in our region to familiarise themselves, and experiment with glass processes in a two week period, enjoying a one week break in between each session. While finished works may be produced, it is not expected and we encourage Local AiRs to test their use and understanding of glass and glass processes as introduced during the program.


The submitted proposal, to reach us by the 23rd of June, should consist of one single PDF file and a maximum of five pages including the following:


  Curriculum Vitae /Resumé.

  A proposal to how you see the work with glass can be incorporated in/supplement your other art practice or a possible upcoming project. If you have any prior knowledge of glass work, it would also be relevant to indicate what technique you would wish to focus on.

  Five images of previous work. We welcome submission of videos via website links. Videos can be a maximum of 5 mins.

  Send this as an attachment by email to: proposal@s12.no, with the subject heading : Local AiR (Your name). Max file size 10MB.


These residencies will be documented and shared through social media channels in discussion with each participant.




Selected Artists at S12 will receive technical support for glassblowing, glasscasting , flamework and coldwork. The resource sheet below can help with an understanding of what these processes involve.


S12 will supply the clear glass for glassblowing (Cristalica), some assorted frit colors and the tools. If you are casting, we can supply the same glass for this as well as clay, wax, plaster and silica as well as tools for mold making. If you are coldworking, we supply all of the tools, as well as the sandblaster and UV glue for joining glass. Flamework supplies include basic clear glass, the torch and various hand tools. A detailed list of studio equipment can be seen here: https://www.s12.no/workshop-2/


Timeline of Events


June 9th Info session 6 to 8pm

June 23rd Deadline for applications.

July 8th Selection of candidates and initial contact with participants.


Local AiR Programs will run a two week span which will be organized between the 8th and 15th, and the 22nd and 2th of September.

Artists living outside the municipality of Vestland can apply to the project for support to cover transport and lodging. 

The Local AiR program is supported by Vestland Fylkeskommune.

If you would like to download this program with our additional reference sheet push HERE for a ful text en English.

Lokal AiR Høst 2021 | S12 Galleri og Verksted