In this house







IN THIS HOUSE – Performance/installation with

Terese Longva

Vernissage 11 May 2012 at 19:00
Open 11 May-26 June 2012

IN THIS HOUSE challenges what we in Norway see as the common perception of how glass can be used in art and shows a will to experiment with the material.

5 hours 5 days a week until 25 May you will find the artist working in the gallery creating an installation that will change from day to day, inviting the audience to come back for new experiences as time passes.

The first part of the exhibition consists of a long durational performance where the artist will go through a set of rituals that little by little will transform the gallery’s appearance.  The artist herself as well as glass houses, stones, neon letters, and sound are central elements to the work.

At the end of the performance Longva has created an art installation as a result of her actions.  The installation will be displayed until the 24 June.

Longva is working in a range of mediums, but video and performance has a central place in her work where she looks at different aspects of the human condition such as: how we construct different Selves in reaction to varied expectations of society, and how we constantly struggle to learn our social roles and at the same time break out of them to know ourselves.  As part of the collaborative partnership Longva + Carpenter, Longva also investigates topics such as personal longings, feminist ideology and political urgency.

Terese Longva currently lives and works in Norway.  She studied at the Aalesund School of Art in Norway, the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland, followed by three years at Kosta Glass School in Sweden.  She received her BFA at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University in 2008.  Longva is a member of Performance Art Bergen and a part of the artist duo Longva+Carpenter.