re cover

Works by Maria Bang Espersen and Max Syron

“We have set out to re cover the world: to see and hide, to trace and veil, to define and to conceal. By going over, re-presenting, and re-viewing our traditional truths, we end up distorting what we set out to reveal. To re cover is to insert subjectivity, destabilize facts, and release uncertainty”

The work in S12:
Max Syron’s work at S12  focused upon the experience of the body and our attempts to understand it. He works with glass to create measurements, traces, and installations to undermine classical standards and truths of the body’s spatial relationships. Through fluidity and uncertainty, Max aims to render our clear and solid concepts of the body opaque and subjective.

Maria Bang Espersen: “How things are connected and the tension within elements plays a part in all my work made at S12. I am working with layers of reflective transparent material stacked on top of each other till it turns dense and opaque, stress within glass that makes it explode without notice, and tensions created by a mix of different materials causing seemingly perfect objects to self-destruction. The work questions values, freedom and reality.
Simultaneously my stay at S12 has been an exploration into the possibilities of hot glass. A discovery of what can be done with glass and how to make use of its special qualities. I have done so with a critical approach to my own background as a craftsman.”