Glassblowing courses

Thank you for your interest in our glass working classes. As you see below we have a couple different class offerings. All participants in glass classes should be aware that once the glass object is made it takes 1-2 days before the object is available to be picked up or shipped.

Beginning glassblowing series of classes

4 week, 6 week, or 8 week series of classes.

This is for the beginning glass blower who is interested in gaining proficiency in the basics of glassblowing. We begin with collecting molten glass from the furnace, using hand tools to shape the glass, and blowing bubbles into the hot glass. We move on from basic skill building to create functional and sculptural works appropriate to the ideas and abilities of the individual students. Class sizes are small, (limited to 3 people) to ensure everyone gets personalized attention and practice time.

Each class is 1,5 hours long and can be scheduled according to the needs of the participants.

This level of classes can be repeated according to the needs of the individual participants.

  • 4 weeks  2.380 per person
  • 6 weeks  3.570 per person
  • 8 weeks  4.760 per person

Next course:
27. October
3. November
17. November
24. November

Contact us at post(at) to sign up!


Intermediate Glassblowing

4 week, 6 week, 8 week series of classes

This series of classes allows students to expand on their existing skills and prepare them to begin working independently in the studio. After the first 2 weeks of intermediate classes there will be the opportunity to schedule monitored practice time.

  • 4 weeks 2.380 per person
  • 6 weeks 3.570 per person
  • 8 weeks 4.760 per person

Monitored practice sessions: 900 nok per hour (up to 3 people can work together at one time and split the hourly cost)


Advanced glassblowing

Once someone has completed 16 week of glassblowing training they can work on advanced glassblowing techniques based on their own personal interests. These classes are one on one lessons that also include more information about the individual pieces of glass equipment to make sure that students can rent the studio on an independent basis and create their own work.

1800-1200 per hour. (Depending on individual equipment needs)

Cost of Independent Studio Rental :  595 per hour (furnace only) 1200 per hour with the glory hole.


Contact us at post (at) s12 (dot) no if you wish to sign up.