List of equipment available at S12 glass workshop



1 Sandberg Electric Furnace with 50 kg free standing crucible, melting Crystalica cullet by Bomma

1 Wetdog Glory Hole, Model #GH18                         100 cm depth, 45 cm ø

1 Paragon Round Pick-up kiln                                     H 30 cm, W 30cm ø

1 Annealer                                                                        H 84cm /  D 90cm /  W 90cm

(maximum annealer door opening 80cm x 45cm)

1 Mobile Glassblowing Furnaces “Mini Dragon” inc. bench, table etc…

1 Nortel Ranger Oxygen/Propane torch

1 Mapp Gas torch

1 Bench torch (fluffy torch), propane

1 Bench

1 Marver

Range of Pipes, pontils, gathering balls, ladles etc…

Range of Blowing tools, blocks, paddles, optic moulds etc…



1 Nabertherm Casting/Fusing kiln (Monster)             H 70cm /  D 115cm /  W 200cm

1 Stanton Casting kiln, top loader (Rosita)                  H 61cm /  D 53cm   /  W 90cm

1 Rhode Casting kiln, front loader                                 H 98cm /  D 77cm   /  W 64cm

1 Cerama Fusing kiln, top loader (Pippi)                     H 30cm /  D 90cm   /  W 110cm

1 Paragon, front loader                                                    H 60cm /  D 45cm   /  W 56cm

1 Paragon test kiln, top loader (Caldera)                     H 28cm /  D 20cm   /  W 20cm


Dimensions given are the internal kiln area.


Please note: Paragon front loader may also be used as a garage/ pick up kiln for both flameworking and the hotshop. Casting kilns may be used for longer hotshop annealing.



4 Bethlehem Stacks torches

1 Nortel Ranger torch

1 Nortel Mega Minor Torch

1 Nortel Major Minor Torch

Range of basic flameworking equipment


1 Sandblaster

1 Diamond flat bed grinder – 60cm ø, several diamond and polishing discs

1 Diamond saw – 35cm ø blade

1 Convington Lathe

1 Convington small linisher

1 Glastar grinder

1 Dremmel with flex shaft

1 Suhner air grinder



1 Plaster lathe

1 Steamer

Range of Wax, gel flex, plaster, mould making and divesting equipment



Workshop tools such as angle-grinder, welder, circular saw etc…

1 Private working desk + storage shelves


List updated June 2023, please contact for further information


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We offer 30% discount for:
– You who have just graduated – discount is valid until 3 years after graduation.

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