List of equipment available at S12 glass workshop

1 Electric Sandberg furnace / 30 liter crucible
1 Big gas glory hole, 45cm diameter
1 Monster” kiln, Nabertherm, H 70cm / L 200cm / W 115cm
1 fusing kiln Pippi, H 30cm/ L90cm / W110 cm
1 casting kiln, H 61cm/ L 53cm/ W 90cm
1 small fusing kiln Maria H23cm/ L75cm / W48cm
1 small round kiln, 30cm diameter / 30cm high (can be use as a pick up kiln)
1 Gas torch and map gas torch
1 « fluffy » gas torch
2 Benches
1 Marver
1 Gathering ball
Pipes, pontils, gathering irons, of different sizes
Blowing tools, blocks, paddles

1 Sandblaster
1 Diamond flat bed grinder / 60cm diameter, several diamond and polishing discs
1 Diamond saw – blade 35cm diameter
1 lathe
1 wet belt sander
1 Glastar grinder
1 Dremmel with flex shaft
1 compressed air angle-grinder

1 Plaster lathe
1 Steamer
Wax / gel flex/ plaster and more

Several standard tools like angle-grinder, welder and hand tools
1 Private working desk + storing space

list updated January 2020


To see the prices for rental please click here.

We offer 30% discount for:
– You who have just graduated – discount is valid until 3 years after graduation.

Artists experimenting with and trying out new ways of working with glass can receive 30% – 70% discount. Please contact us for more information.

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