Anna-Linda Gabriel

Anna-Linda Gabriel ( b. Norway) has been working with glass since 1998 and is established in Sweden where she also studied glas craft and design in Kosta and at the Linne Univeristy.  She has a studio at The glass museum, The Glass Factory, and has worked in numerous glass studios in both Scandinavia, Europe and USA. Both as a designer, artist and craft artist she has developed an aesthetic influenced by the presence of nature.

Gabriels work method is often based on texts and rough sketching that is then being realized by her in the hotshop. She has specifically developed her sculpting technique through the sculptors Karen and Jasen Willenbrink Jonson. In S12 she worked on multiple projects and wanted to explore new techniques such as laser engraving on glass, as well as investigate different ways of expressing how body language is affected by the fact that someone either literally or figuratively/allegorically is being carried without losing their autonome body language.

Dates:  May 2022
Anna-Linda Gabriel | S12 Galleri og Verksted