Saman Kalantari

Saman was our artist in resident in March/April. During this period he gave a course in Pâte de Verre and also spent time working on his own art.

In his recent works he tries to create a dialogue between traditional crafts and fine arts, between handmade and ready-made/found objects, then he recomposes them in some form of contemporary installation/artwork in which similarities, differences, and diversities stay together and co-exist very well. A metaphor for society.

Saman Kalantari was born in Iran, but has been based in Bolzano Italy since 2004. Evolving from a background in ceramics, Kalantari’s work introduces glass as an ephemeral material that has extended into the arena of Installation and multimedia. His conceptual work exemplifies technical skill and innovation. In his recent research  he uses laser cut technology in his resent works as well as creating new approaches in pate de verre to simplify the traditional time-consuming pate de verre in an easy and flexible process. He has won several prizes for his innovative work progressing the techniques of pate de verre into a contemporary realm;

The Glass Art Society 2015 Technology Advancing Grant (TAG) in the USA for his innovative Flexible Glass Sheet. Recipient of other numerous prestigious awards such as the 2008 Bullseye Emerge Newcomer award and gold award Emerge 2018, Portland, Oregon, USA; 2018 Warm Glass Prize, UK England, gold award Tg competition 2021-22, Portland, Oregon,the Creative Glass Center of America Fellowship, WheatonArts, as well as finalist in many other competitions such Glass Kanazawa, Japan; Bullseye Glass Emerge, Portland, and the Jutta Cunty-Franz Memorial Award. Kalantari has exhibited widely in the USA, Italy, Japan, and the Netherlands, Norway, Lituania, Denmark and also taught various international masterclasses around the world. Saman is honored to be also nominated for the 2017 and 2018 Irvin Borowsky International Prize in Glass Arts.

In 2022 he received the gold prize from Bullseye Glass.

Dates:  March/April 2022
Saman Kalantari | S12 Galleri og Verksted