A stringer is the new frit

In the exhibition “A stringer is the new frit”, Saman Kalantari presents the result of his residency in S12.

The exhibition is colorful, humorous and inspired by his observations in Bergen.

Saman Kalantari aims to create a dialogue between traditional crafts and contemporary art, between handmade and found objects. He plays with similarities and differences in the materials he uses, and sees this as a metaphor for the society we live in.

Saman Kalantari was born in Iran, but has lived in Bolzano Italy since 2004. He has won several prizes for his innovative work progressing the techniques of pate de verre into a contemporary realm. In S12 he has worked with different techniques and materials, but the glass stringers both fired and unfired, have played a particularly important role in his recent work. In 2022 Kalantari received the gold prize from Bullseye Glass.

Dates:  22.04 - 08.05.22
A stringer is the new frit | S12 Galleri og Verksted