Talk To Me

The exhibition Talk To Me by Terese Longva and Roar Sletteland deals with topics such as physicality and subjectivity, language and communication. It is an audiovisual installation, consisting of a series of moving “jaw-sculptures” in glass and metal. The sculptures are activated and start moving in varying tempo, intensity and rhythmic patterns, when the public enters the gallery.

These figures possess a form of humanity, but only almost. They lack substance. They turn to the audience and to each other and try to say something, but no meaning emerges.

On the one hand, the exhibition is about what is not talked about, the unmentionable. What can be said out loud, and what must we internalize? What happens to that which we internalize?

On the other hand, it shines a spotlight on the overwhelming need for communication and information we experience today.

What do we communicate, and how does this manifest itself in humans and in society?

Terese Longva is interested in creation and change processes in nature, people and society. She works in various mediums, particularly performance, video and installation. The body and bodily experiences are often the starting point for her works, as a place to make the political visible. Roar Sletteland is an active contributor to Bergen’s contemporary art scene, particularly in the field of music, stage and sound art. He constructs sound equipment, musical instruments and robotics for his own and others’ projects.

Talk To Me is the first collaborative project between Longva and Sletteland.

The exhibition is supported by the Norwegian Art Council, City of Bergen,  Vestland County Council, More og Romsdal County Council, More og Romsdal Art Center, Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, BEK and S12.




Dates:  17.09.22- 20.11.22
Talk To Me | S12 Galleri og Verksted