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Terese Longva completed her 11 days x 5 hours pr. day performance IN THIS HOUSE on Friday the 25th of May. The day after Saturday the 26th her installation opened with neon lights as an added element and displaying the complete title IN THIS HOUSE WE ONLY TALK ABOUT OTHERS  It has been both a privilege and a challenge to follow Terese through her travel. We congratulate her!

More photos from the performance will be added soon, and can be found under exhibitions.


Terese Longva completed the first three days of her journey today.

The performance will continue on Wednesday 16th of May until the 20th (including the 17th of May).  The last three days will be May 23rd – 25th.

Performance times are from 12.oo – 17.oo.


A member of the S12 team, Damien François receives a prize!

HANDWERK & DESIGN,  at Internationale Handwerksmesse, München

2012 TALENTE prizewinners confirmed 
Awards for the best of the new generation!   

“Damien François, France, Glass 
Damien François’s works show an interesting and experimental way of dealing with glass. The works are characterized by quality of workmanship and the idea of a scientific laboratory that is articulated in the material of glass. The shaping of the material gives the objects of the different groups an unusual intensity and liveliness, invites to inspect them closely and in detail. The effect of the works changes between natural science and the mystery of an alchemist’s laboratory.”

Damien is one of the artists giving courses at S12 this summer.