Kim Hankyul

Kim Hankyuls practice is focused on making kinetic sculptures, having live sound as the outcome of raw materials’ movements. Spanning over different scales and contexts, in his practice, the physical attributes of materials have been studied and utilized for the value of sonic expression sought through the minimum motion of machinic assemblage.

In his earlier works, he has been using wood and metal as main materials of expression, machinic precision could be attained through metal and the precariousness could be added through handcrafted wood. Though this contrast could show an effective contrast between machinic control and the humanistic loss of control, the liquidity and fluidity could not be achieved only through wood, which naturally led him to the interest in utilizing new materials such as water, ceramics and glass.

Kim Hankyul is living and working in Bergen and has a MFA from the Department of Fine Art at University of Bergen (2019) and a BA from the Department of Aesthetics at Seoul National University, Seoul (2016). Hankyul has presented his works at Northing Space (2021), Bærum Kunsthall (2021) Østre, EKKO festival no. 17 (2020), Galleria Sculptor (2020), Atelier Nord (2020), Gyldenpris Kunsthall (2020), Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts (2019), Bergen Kunsthall (2019), Landmark (2019) and Galleri Slakt (2019).

In S12 his research has been focusing on creating sound unique to the material – from various materials, and glass in particular. The project he has been working on is focused on creating sonic-somatic machines which perform an automatic masquerade of a gender-bending theatre role. Herein the hollow space of the blown glass will be actively used to create different sound expressions out of mechanical bodies, while both the elasticity and the solidness will be used in mixture to create rich layers in the level of visual expression.
The result will be part of an exhibition/sound installation in KRAFT, Bergen in February-March 2022.

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Dates:  September-Oktober 2021
Kim Hankyul | S12 Galleri og Verksted