About AiR i S12

«AiR i S12»  is currently welcoming applications for residencies for the period March – December  2017.

We welcome all artists and designers who can benefit from, or are in need of the equipment in the S12 work-shop.  Project oriented work is preferred. The text continues after the slides.








The artists will have the opportunity to present their work during an open house event and in some cases exhibit the work made in the project room.  The duration of the exhibitions in the project room can vary from 1 weekend to 1 week  depending on other activities taking place in S12.

S12 can provide workshop assistance, free accommodation and in some cases support towards travel.

AiR i S12 has been supported by the City of Bergen from its beginning, and the running of the workshop has been made possible by the Norwegian Arts Council.
Other instances have supported it during shorter periods.
They are:
Kulturkontakt Nord/Nordic Culture Point – 1 yr. (2015/16)
Norske kunsthåndverkere 2 yrs  (2013/14)

Receiving applications for October – December 2016 and February – May 2017.

February: Anna-Lea Kopper (fi)
April: Tinna Thorsteinsdottir (is)
April – May: Rui Sasaki (jp)
August – September: Verena Schutz (au):
August:  Tinna Thorsteinsdottir (is)
September:  Margarida Alves (pg)
October:  DH McNabb (usa)
November-December:  Kate Clements (usa)

January-February:  Maria Bang Espersen (dk)
January-February: Max Syron (us)
April: John Muran (us)
May: Maria Koshenkova (dk,rs)
August:  Allison Lowry (ir)
September:  Doreen Garner (us)
September: Mika Aoki (jp)
October:  Tinna Thorsteinsdottir (is)
November-December:  Jonathan Rafael (us)

January – February:    Alli Hoag (usa)
February:  Fredrik Nielsen (sweden)
March:  Brad Turner  (canada)
April: Mike Simi (usa)  in partnership with Pilchuck School of Glass
May:  CUD,  John Drury and Robbie Miller
May:  Tinna Thorsteinsdottir, pianist  (is)
October: Saman Kalantari 
November-December:  Julia Chamberlaine (usa)
in partnership with Pilchuck School of Glass

February/March:  Stine Bidstrup (dk)
February/March:  Jeffrey Sarmiento (uk/usa)
August:  Ine Harrang (no)
August/September:  Petra Thorgren (se)
September: Hitoshi Kuriyama (jp)
September / October:  Madeline Steimle (usa)
October:  Bianca Nabuco (brazil)

June 2012:  Damien François  (FR)
July 2012:  Aric Snee  (USA)
September/October 2012:  Mary C. Richardson (USA)
October / November 2012:  Benjamin Wright (USA) 
October / November 2012: Amanda Patenaude  (USA)