María Renée Morales Lam

Through the Artist in residence programme Air i S12 Elmira Abolhasani, María Renée Morales Lam and Tone Linghult have been given the opportunity to create new work for the exhibition Young and Loving in our studio.

The physical nature of light and the transformation of matter are the main concerns present in her work. More specifically, how they interact and how they metaphorically relate to the interaction of the artist with space and material. At the same time, it points to the invisible scale in which the interaction between energy and matter happen, inevitably influencing one’s perception and the way one shapes Reality. In this sense, she seeks to translate the world hidden to the human eye, approaching the factual information from an imaginative way. Her work attempts to formulate a tangible vocabulary, in an effort to generate further understandings of light, life and the universe around her. Her work also questions Time, but mainly through the physical absence of things or, in other words, the powerful presence of the Invisible.

Dates:  July - August 2019
María Renée Morales Lam | S12 Open Access Studio and Gallery