Petr Stanický

Petr Stanický was the first Artist in Residence in our new locataion in Bontelabo 2. He was preparing a solo exhibition during his residency in June 2019.

Place of the day and night

With the exhibition “Place of the day and night” Czech artist Petr Stanický (b. 1975) is opening S12’s new gallery space at Bontelabo. Among the works he is showing is a site specific installation – a three dimensional painting, inspired by the changing light conditions occurring in the transition between day and night.

Petr Stanický is a classically trained sculptor working with glass –   almost like an architect. In his pieces he repeats and exaggerates some aspects of the surrounding architecture, revoking in the viewer a stronger experience of both the work and its surroundings.Although he often combines different materials, he rarely denies the glass’ natural optical and aesthetic properties. He takes advantage of the fact that glass is an illusive material – we can look straight through it, whilst at the same time it is reflecting and mirroring the reality around us. Stanický makes an impact on the space, and hopefully also affects the viewers emotions in their interaction with his objects and sculptures.

This is the first time Petr Stanický is showing his work in Norway. He has a broad education from institutions in the Czech Republic, Scotland and the US, specialising in stone carving, glass in architecture and figure studies. He has worked on sculptural projects in Jeff Koon’s studio, taught at the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague and today he is leading a masters program in glass at Tomas Bata University in Zlín. In the fall 2017 he exhibited his work at Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Dates:  June 2019
Petr Stanický | S12 Open Access Studio and Gallery