Simone Fezer

Artist statement
“I like to build delicate steel structures covered in glass, cardboard, emergency blankets, aluminum
foil, mirrored glass and mirrors; combining elements of splendor with those of hardship, poverty
and improvisation, resembling mountains, skyscrapers, make-shift shelters and tents, inspired by
derelict and destroyed buildings. They are shells of lives, but also landscapes of the soul, windows
and doors to the unimaginable… Fragile constructs and constructions, allowing insights and
reflecting out, some constantly provisional. A perpetual stopgap, the matrix visible , the framework
lying bare, the bright and shiny surfaces of the mirrored glass changing and becoming blind over
Just as we are continuously reshaping and -forming our world, I install existing structures new,
reconstruct, and take them further. I add things or deconstruct older works and assemble them in
ever new combinations.
I love breaking up the static of objects and installations, combining them with projections, sounds
and performance, true to the multi-layered, ambiguous, and sometimes dazzling and exuberant
In my installation work I want to create spaces for the viewer and myself to enter, -within or
outside of him or herself, stages for discovery and play. Immersive and possibly overwhelming
Dates:  January 2020
Simone Fezer | S12 Open Access Studio and Gallery