Tone Linghult

Through the Artist in residence programme Air i S12 Elmira Abolhasani, María Renée Morales Lam and Tone Linghult have been given the opportunity to create new work for the exhibition Young and Loving in our studio.

“I have always felt an urge to give feelings a physical form, a body outside of mine. I’m looking at my own body and examining how it can, with, movements, express a feeling. Where lies the importance? Which wrinkle, (tense) muscle or movements says something about the feeling going on inside?

A feeling can be complex, incongruous and volatile. I want to make it visible, physical.

Through experiments with materials I find many of my ideas and results. Looking at the qualities of the materials and how they can be combined. During the last couple of years, I’ve started to combine steel mesh and glass. I have found various ways to form the glass using the mesh as a mold. The mesh gives structure and colour to the glass. The glass becomes the body and the mesh its skin.”

Dates:  September - October 2019
Tone Linghult | S12 Open Access Studio and Gallery