A room of my own

In A room of my own Ine Harrang shows a range of personal collections presented in showcases or file cabinets. They mimic the valuable collections which are found in museums, but in contrast to the objects presented there, Harrangs objects can seem mundane and insignificant.

Her work examines time and history in a unique way. An example of this is Time Experienced, where we find 365 bottles of clear glass. In each bottle there is an object that Harrang has collected during an entire year. On the lids, she has written the date the item was collected. The bottles are stored and presented in the two red transport boxes of metal. The availability of each object depends on the viewer, as the bottles must be picked up from their nest to be seen in detail.

Her collections are scraps and fragments of time and history, mundane relics and objects not necessarily viewed as inherently meaningful. Neither are they precious nor valuable. The objects themselves are insignificant in nature, discarded by design, and fragmentary in appearance. In the process of searching for, selecting and displaying these items, work has emerged that deals with both the notion of perceiving time and the response to experiencing it. Viewed through the connectivity of history, the work questions what we deem valuable.

Ine Harrang has a Bachelor Degree from Edinburgh College of Art in Arcitectual Glass, and a Master Degree in Visual Art and Glass from Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague (VSUP). She have had several solo exhibitions in Norway, shown large projects in Nidarosdomen (the Norwegian National Cathedral) and the contemporary Glass Cathedral in Hamar, participated in collective exhibitions in Scotland, Norway and The Czech Republic, and have made substantial numbers of public commissions.

Dates:  01.02.13-10.03.13
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