Javier Pérez

The exhibition is the result of S12s first collaboration with GLASSTRESS and Berengo Studio, Italy.

Javier Pérez’s (1968) artwork seduces through a powerful combination of technique and materials. Horsehair, blown glass, silkworm cocoons, polyester and cattle intestines are important elements in Pérez artistic expression, where beauty and fear unite in a language filled with metaphors and symbolism.

Among the works showing in S12 are the glass installation Carroña and the video En puntas that has its world premiere both in S12 (Bergen) and at Loop 2013 (Barcelona) the 23 of May 2013.

In the work En puntas, we meet a ballerina who dances on the lid of a grand piano in pointe shoes extended by a set of sharp knives. The ballerina appears as an eerie figure expressing effort, sacrifice and pain in her strive for perfection. The dance movement creates a physical sound image, very different from what is normally performed on a grand piano.

Through his use of glass Pérez emphasizes the enormous artistic potential of the medium, which Adriano Berengo, the man behind GLASSTRESS, Venice Projects and Berengo Studio has noticed. Berengos institutions represent the distinctive within the field of glass art in general, and encourage artists to use glass in contemporary art in particular. The purpose of his work is to show that glass is a living medium with a natural place in contemporary art. For nearly twenty years, more than 140 international artists have sought to Berengos furnaces in Murano to realize their artistic projects.

GLASSTRESS is a concept that was created to promote and document the growing trend of artist using glass in their artistic practices. GLASSTRESS is produced by Berengo and Venice Projects and is this year arranged for the third time as part of the program of the Venice Biennale. Previous artists that have been presented through GLASSTRESS include Man Ray, Jean Arp, Mona Hatoum, Louise Bourgeois, Lucio Fontana, Robert Rauschenberg and Richard Hamilton.

Bergljot Jonsdottir, former Director of the Bergen International Festival, now manager for S12 Open Access Studio and Gallery, has led the important collaboration Bergen and Norway now are enjoying the results of. It is the first time an artwork with glass as the main medium and in this scale is displayed in Bergen.

“I like dealing with points of encounter between spirit and flesh, between purity and impurity, between beauty and horror, between attraction and repulsion. I frequently use these swinging movements to offer onlookers different degrees of appreciation of my works. My works seek to reconcile all these aspects. I am interested in revealing how ambiguous these concepts are, and how reversible they can be. The idea is to confront humanity with its own condition, and for everything that humanity find frightening to take an irresistible charm. The idea is for humanity to be attracted by its own viscera.” Javier Pérez

Dates:  23.05.13 - 28.07.13
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