Young & Loving!

Young & Loving!- a jocular translation of young and promising in Norwegian, is an annual exhibition of innovative and experimental glass art by newly graduated glass artists from the Nordic countries and the world at large. The exhibition concept is developed by S12 Open Access Studio and Gallery and has been an annual event since 2007. A playful and experimental approach to glass as part of an artistic expression, is a particular hallmark of the show.

As a stage curtain revealing this year’s Young & Loving! exhibition the video work “Reveal / Conseal» opens up the gallery room from the street. On the inside, we are greeted by the sound from the work of Madleine Steimle. A selection of 78 LPs have received a new but fragile life by being cast into glass. The glass LPs have a functioning soundtrack, but the diamond needle on the record player grinds down the glass and gives a sound that must be experienced.

In Bianca Nabucos installation you find glass in dialogue with furniture and textiles. An old table from a thrift store in town, is cut in half and put back together using an organic glass form that is blown into the space between the two parts. The installations quiet expressions and poetic character reveals surprisingly little about the demanding work process, flames and fumes that appeared when the work was being created.

Several of the artists in this year’s Young & Loving! exhibition are using or creating objects that we normally find in a home, such as television sets, furniture, phonographs, dolls or something as ordinary as the corners of a room. Through these everyday objects the artists gives room for reflection on the relationship to space, void, intimacy, perspective, volatility and control.

This years artist are Rebecca Chernow (usa), Rui Sasaki (jap), Liesl Schubel (usa), Bianca Nabuco (brazil), Madeline Steimle (usa) og Amy Krüger (se).

The exhibition is supported by The city of Bergen and Arts Council Norway

Som et sceneteppe for årets Young & Loving åpner videoverket «Reveal/Conseal» gallerirommet fra gaten. På innsiden finner vi blant annet et verk av Madeleine Steimle hvor et utvalg LP-plater (78 tommere) får et nytt, men skjørt liv ved å omstøpes til glass. Platene har fremdeles lydspor men diamantnålen på platespilleren sliper ned glasset og gir et lydbilde som må oppleves.

“Beauty comes in the breaking down of perfection, it lies in the tragedy of aging” sier kunstneren selv om sitt arbeid, og denne setningen åpner for en dialog med resten av utstillingen.

Forholdet til rom, tomrom, intimitet, perspektiv, flyktighet og kontroll blir gjenstand for refleksjon i årets utstilling som presenterer:

Rebecca Chernow (usa), Rui Sasaki (jap), Liesl Schubel (usa), Bianca Nabuco (brazil), Madeline Steimle (usa) og Amy Krüger (se).

Young & Loving! | S12 Open Access Studio and Gallery