Avtrykk av pust

Expressions of breath

Everybody breathes. Everybody shares the air surrounding us,
becoming a part of us, inside us.
What is the shape of breath?
How do we make this invisible community visible?

The artist duo Frantzsen&Mjanger has invited the population in Bergen to create an expression of their breath in glass during the last week, using their breath as the main tool. All of the shapes have been made and installed on a wall in the S12’s project room during the last few days.
The exhibition becomes part of S12’s exhibition series “mellom_rom”, which has the concept of giving artists the opportunity to show work in progress and under development to a larger audience.

Supported by: S12 Studio and Gallery, NLA og Norske Kunsthåndverkere (gjennom ordningen ‘Kunsthåndverk blir til’)