The exhibition BRYTNINGER presented four artists with different backgrounds (art/research/science) with work where the interaction between light and glass were important factors. By using neon or natural light, old Murano techniques or new technologies Anna-Lea Kopperi, Enrico Tommaso De Paris, Alan Jaras and Robert Wiley made the gallery come to life with intriguing light-experiments.

One of the works on view was a new site specific installation by Anna-Lea Kopperi (FI, 1960). Kopperi’s work presents a multiplied, fragmented, and distorted reality that challenge existing conceptions of space and light. Fragments of handmade Venetian mirror on the floor and in the windows forms beautiful patterns that creates a dialogue with the space. Recycled mirrors from factories around Bergen are leaning against the walls and have been carefully arranged according to size. With minimal intervention the artist transformed the space and the relation with the visitor. Anna Lea Kopperi is a conceptual artist known for her interactive and environmental works, installations and public sculptures.

Enrico Tommaso de Paris (IT, 1960) presented three sculptures where a collection of banal and everyday objects materialized into a dreamlike dimension of the subconscious. Via a modern reformulation of anima mundi, the viewer is encouraged to reflect on the representation of reality and the energies that govern it. A mixture of light and sound, glass, plastics and steel are common materials used in his installations, which have their roots both in science and in philosophy.

Alan Jaras (GB, 1940) transforms light into art. His works are classical photographs of light beams passing through sheet glass with varying surface attributes at differing angles. Multi-coloured images result from this process, recalling the depths of the sea or far-away galaxies. Jaras is both scientist and artist. After leaving his career as industrial researcher and “microscopist” he has directed his energy to the study and relation between art and science.

Robert Wiley (USA, 1970) investigates the relationship between art and science. The understanding of the deeper mechanisms of creative thought (artistic and scientific) is the most important element of his work, often made in glass. His artistic practice emerges from exercise and meditation, leading him to create works that span the gap between analytical thought and poetry.

The exhibition is made in collaboration with Venice Art Factory and is curated by Bjørn I. Follevaag, Francesca Giubilei and Bergljot Jonsdottir.

BRYTNINGER | S12 Galleri og Verksted