Battle Cry
Emma Woffenden
31.03.17 – 07.05.17

The exhibition “Battle Cry” is made by one of Britain’s leading and most innovative glass artists, Emma Woffenden. With her unconventional approach to the material she has paved the way for a generation of artists working in conceptual glass. This is the first time Woffenden shows her work in Norway.

Using a wide range of complex glass and mixed media techniques Woffenden investigates the more intangible conditions of existence such as sensations, feelings and awareness. Her sculptures are partly abstract and at times surreal. Figures put together by different parts and materials almost remind us of a mixture between human, animal and machine. By implying incidents that have just happened or are about to unfold she opens up for questions and creates an unnerving atmosphere in her installations.

Six of the works presented are taken from the exhibition “Play-Fight”, at Masden Woo Gallery in London, and have been adapted for the new installation at S12. Together with work such as Tight Rope, On Bended Knee and Falling Hard, which were made in the last two years, the exhibition is one new work

Emma Woffenden studied glass at The Royal College of Art, London and West Surrey College of Art and Design, Farnham. Her work is represented in public international collections such as Victoria & Albert Museum, Ernsting Glass Museum, Ebeltoft Glass Museum and The National Museum of Scotland. Her award-winning design for Transglass can also be found in the collections of Corning Museum of Glass and Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). From 2013-16 Woffenden was the Artistic Director for the North Lands Creative Glass in Scotland, an important international resource centre for the study and development of glass as an artform.