PATIENCE: Damien François

June 29th – August 5th 2012



PATIENCE has been developing this last month in our work shop and project room giving the visitors a chance to view the artistic process.  The chaotic project room is now being organized in to a highly structured exhibition and the end result will be revealed at the opening on Friday 29. June at 7 p.m.  The opening of the exhibition marks the end of François´ period as an artist in residence at S12.

François´ work is based on the exploration and the exploitation of the multitude of possibilities that glass offers.  His work aims to approach issues of perplexity and uncertainty.  Several bodies of work, informed and influenced by each other, compose his investigations which can be familiar yet remain foreign at the same time.  He is using centuries old glass making traditions to express his own perspective within a contemporary context.

In the exhibition PATIENCE he is continuing his investigations taking a closer look at what glass can be/is and at his role as an artist, as “maker” and “observer”.  Glass in different states are set against each other and thus open up for comparison.  The work he is exhibiting has come to life in diverse ways, but they all have a common denominator: the notion of “time”.

DAMIEN FRANÇOIS has a BA from The Danish Design School, Center for Glass and Ceramics, Bornholm, Denmark and a MA in Science, Technology and Health from Joseph Fourier University in France.  François has showed his work in different venues in France, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Germany.  Earlier this year he received the ”Talente Prize” for his interesting and experimental way of dealing with glass.  His work has been published in New Glass Review #32 and #33.  This fall he will be attending the Artist in Residence program at Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center, USA.

For more information please contact Bergljot Jonsdottir +47 91175303/