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Exhibition from August 14th – September 20th 2015
Vernissage August 14th at 7 pm
Contained.In the exhibition ”Contained”,  Alison Lowry presents a collection of works where she examines how we are constrained by ourselves, our memories and physical environment. The exhibition will include works shown at the Ebeltoft Glass museum in Denmark earlier this year, and new work where she´s dealing with similar questions.

An installation and sculptures of various sizes where Lowry responds to ideas of memory, both personal and collective, with a focus on its reconstruction and deconstruction, will be shown at S12. In her latest work Lowry is concerned with scientific approach to remembering, be it neurological and surgical, false or implied, physical and emotional.

During a residency at the Corning Museum of Glass, Alison started investigating the psychological phenomenon, ‘Repetition Compulsion’. This term was first coined by Freud in 1914, and describes a compulsion to repeat a traumatic event or the circumstances surrounding it over and over again.

This interest led to a research of memory, specifically traumatic memory and where it is placed within the brain and how we can essentially be ‘held captive’ by our past. Alison Lowry is now collaborating with Tony Gee, Professor of PET Chemistry at the Kings College London hoping that this new research will drive this body of work in new directions.

Alison Lowry is a glass artist based in Belfast. She graduated from the University of Ulster in 2009 and has since won several awards, including the Silver Medal from the Royal Ulster Academy in 2010 and the Warm Glass Prize in 2010 and 2011. Prior to her degree Alison Lowry studied textiles, completing a City and Guilds in Creative embroidery. This interest was apparent in the work she showed in the Young& Loving! exhibitions both in 2011 and 2012. Alison Lowry is an artist in resident at S12 during August.

Meet the artist during an artist talk Saturday 15th at 02.00 p.m.

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August News

Image:  work by Kim Harty – to be exhibited during Young & Loving 2014.

The Gallery in S12 opens again for the public on August 15th at 07 p.m. after being closed from July 1st. It has however, been busy in the workshop during the period, where art has been created and works made by Alli Hoag, Maria Frantzsen, Silje Syse and Krister Hammersland.

The annual exhibition Young & Loving starts our season this fall. This year’s edition will present the work of 8 emerging artists who each in their own way touch upon the subject of Man and Nature.

Alli Hoag left S12 after completing her one year contract in the combined role as a Workshop Manager and Artist in Residence. She will continue working on her upcoming Urban Glass exhibition on the other side of the Atlantic.

Monica A. Amundsen has taken over the role as Workshop Manager and Artist in Residence starting August 1st

Monica has studied at the Danish Design School Glass department at Bornholm, and Fatamorgana the Danish School of Art Photography.  In 2010 she was at both RISD and VCU in the US.

Æsa Björk, one of the founders of S12 is back in Norway after her 3 years as an Artist in Residence and member of staff, at Alfred University, US.  She will be joining the team at S12 in the capacity of an artistic adviser and teacher.

The permanent team at S12 during this season will consist of the artists:  Aesa Björk, Maria Frantzsen and Monica Amundsen, art historian Anett Haukås with Bergljot Jonsdottir as director.  Artists in Residence, and others working in the workshop will join this team, contributing to a very active fall season.










This years participating artists are:


On the opening night there will be a “burning hot” performance by Maria Bang Espersen and Max Syron. Bang Espersen is known for an untraditional and experimental approach to glass. In S12 she will together with Syron investigate what happens when hot glass meets a seemingly innocent apple.


There will also be a performance on Saturday the 16th at 2pm. Come join us and immerse yourself with the captivating qualities and incredible elasticity of glass. You might find yourself being captured in more ways than one when Bang Espersen and Syron start building their delicate glass thread structures.


Henrik Svanevik will be playing his records at the opening

January 2014 Aric Snee: Passage, part I

Our first exhibition in 2014 ARIC SNEE: PASSAGE  (part I)    is only to be seen from outside.  Best to stop by after dark!

Passages (Part 1) is a series of digital projections that examines the phenomenon of light moving across water and our perception of movement as it relates to light and time.  The vessels that we travel in are so enormous, that when we observe the world moving past us at speed, in time, the sensation of moving ourselves is lost. It somehow appears as if the world is moving under us.

Along with the last work that I exhibited at S12, “Present in Place”, this series takes into account it’s own location within the City of Bergen: it’s proximity to the historic harbor, and the seasonal light conditions that make a projection like this viewable for a longer part of a day.
Aric Snee is currently teaching Neon and Light based Sculpture at Ball State University in Muncie Indiana, USA.

Digital Video Projeksjon from 2013/2014 

Passages (Part 1) er en serie projeksjoner som undersøker hvordan lys beveger seg over vann, og hvordan vår forståelse av bevegelse relaterer seg til lys og tid. Fartøyene vi reiser med er så enorme,  at når vi observerer verden gli forbi oss i fart, vil følelsen av selv å være i bevegelse forsvinne med tiden. Det oppleves som om verden er i bevegelse under oss.

Sammen med det siste arbeidet jeg viste i S12, “Present in Place”, tar denne serien hensyn til lokaliseringen i Bergen: Nærheten til Bryggen og årstidens lysforhold, som gjør en projeksjon som dette synlig over større deler av dagen.

Aric Snee underviser for tiden i Neon- og lysbasert skulptur ved Ball State University i Muncie Indiana, USA.