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Young & Loving! 2018

Young & Loving! 2018
Gruppeutstilling 21.9. – 25.11.
Åpning 21.9. klokken 19.00

Konstruert, emosjonell og undrende- Årets utstillere bruker alle materialet til å reflektere over personlige og kollektive landskap på svært ulike måter.


Young & Loving! 2018
Group Show 21.9. – 25.11.
Opening 21.9. at 7 pm

Constructed, emotional, and curious – This year’s exhibitors utilize the material to reflect on personal and collective landscapes in very different ways.

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Avtrykk av pust

Through breathing, we share the air that surrounds us. What is the shape of breath?

This project gives people of all ages an opportunity to shape warm glass with their breath as the only tool. By using your breath to expand the boundaries of the material the liquid glass will be pushed to its limits and stiffen. This will capture the shape of your breath. The fragile shape will cool quickly after it’s blown, and the you will have time to hold and experience your breath. All expressions of breath will be displayed in S12’s project room and be a “work in process” exhibition while it is produced. Friday it will be completed and will be open to the public for a week.

Come and find the answer as to what shape your breath takes and how it feels to hold it in your hands. In S12 Studio and gallery during the autumn break.

Make the invisible community we all share through breathing visible! Read more

Artist Talk Kit Paulson

Kit Paulson, the highest ranking schlarship recipient from Pilchuck Glass School, is finishing her three-week residency as AiR i S12 this week. Join us and listen to her Artist Talk on Saturday September 8th at 16.00 in S12 Galleri og Verksted. She will present and explain her works both old and new and answer questions at the end of the presentation. You can get a sneak peak of the work she has made for our upcoming exhibition Young and Loving, opening September 21st. If you want to see Kit’s other works, check out her webpage or Instagram

For those who can’t come to S12 this Saturday, we will have LIVE STREAM on our facebook page!

Kit Paulson received her BFA with a concentration in glass from Alfred University in 2004 and has been working in glass continuously since then. She has taught at Penland School of Craft as well as numerous other private glass studios. In 2015 Kit completed the Rosenberg Residency at Salem State University and a residency at the Tacoma Museum of Glass. She has received scholarships from Pilchuck Glass School, Corning Museum of Glass, Pittsburgh Glass Center, The Windgate Foundation, Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass and the Glass Art Society. Her work has been published in New Glass Review editions 36, 37 and 38. In September 2018 she will begin a three year residency at Penland School of Craft.

AiR i S12 – A Retrospective

Opening  Friday July 6th 2018 at 07:oo pm

Welcome to an exhibition showing 64 works made by 27 of the 49 artist who have taken part in our Artist in Residence program, during the period of 2010 – 2018.

This retrospective is to mark the moving of S12 later this year to a new location in Bontelabo. It gives us the opportunity to look back and showcase some of the interesting works and experiments made in our workshop during the period we have been in Skostredet.

S12 will this summer parallel with the exhibition, introduce all 49 artists who have taken part in the AiR i S12 program, giving you the opportunity to get to know them all through our newsletter, our webpage, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The AiR in S12 program was launched in 2010, with the intention to support artists who use experimental, conceptual, and innovative approach when working with glass, as well as giving artists who don’t know the material the possibility to work with it.

Included in the exhibition are the following artists:
Alexandra Muresan, Alison Lowry, Amanda Patenaude, Angela Davies, Anne Petters, Aric Snee, Ben Wright, Brad Turner, CUD – John Drury and Robbie Miller, Damien Francois, DH McNabb, Doreen Garner, Einar and Jaimex de la Torre, Ito Laïla Le François, John Moran, Julia Chamberlain, Justin Ginsberg, Kate Clements, Margarida Alves, Maria Bang Espersen, Maria Koshenkova, Mike Simi, Saman Kalantari, Stine Bidstrup and Verena Schatz.

Come join us in S12 for the opening and meet our new workshop manager Jessie Blackmer.

Light refreshments will be served!

AiR i S12 has been supported by the City of Bergen from its beginning, and the running of the workshop has been made possible by the Norwegian Arts Council.
Others who have supported the program during shorter periods are:
Kulturkontakt Nord/Nordic Culture Point – 1 yr. (2015/16)
Norske kunsthåndverkere 2 yrs  (2013 & 14)


Young & Loving 2018

 Exhibition opportunity and a residency!

Young & Loving in S12 is an annual group exhibition of innovative and experimental works/installations, by newly graduated international artists, who use glass, either directly or indirectly in their work.  The exhibition stems from 2007, and includes 5 – 7 artists who have graduated within the last 3 years.

To be considered please send us the following:

  • A link to a showing your work
  • a photo of the work/installation you want to propose 
  • your CV

If you want to recommend someone, then please send us the name of the artist and a link to a 

One of the selected artists will be offered a residency in S12, to create a new work/installation for the 2018 exhibition while there. 

S12 covers all transportation cost for the works, in addition to a symbolic artist fee. 

Time frame:
Deadline for proposals:  July 1st ’18
Residency period :  August/September
Exhibition: September/October  

Please send all information to

For information on previous Young & Loving exhibitions see:

Retrospective of AiR in S12

Welcome to a presentation and an exhibition in S12 Studio and Gallery.

A retrospective is introducing the artists that have taken part in the AiR in S12 program from 2010 till now. It is to mark the moving of S12 this autumn to a new location in Bontelabo 2 making the retrospective the last exhibition we show in our Gallery in Skostredet.

We will during a period of 9 weeks, introduce all the artists who have taken part in our AiR in S12 program. Every week we will send out a newsletter introducing participating artists, year by year with information on our www page, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and slowly an exhibition will come to life in our Gallery.

The AiR in S12 program was launched in 2010 and has since hosted 48 international artists who work both within and outside the glass field. Its goal is to support international artists who use experimental, conceptual, and innovative approach when working with glass. One to two artists can be hosted at a time, and they are provided with housing, unlimited access to the workshop, assistance, and in many cases the possibility to display their works or arrange an exhibition at the end of their stay. S12’s unique situation, as a combination of an open access workshop that maintains and runs an adjacent gallery and a project room, allows artists, during the development of their work to think about how to best present the work when finished. Located on a street level in the center of town, it has also been possible for the public to meet the artists and to follow the process from experimenting with the material to making and then presenting a completed work.

We welcome you on this journey with us and hope you will enjoy meeting the 48 artists, seeing their works both in the making and when ready in an exhibition.

AiR i S12 has been supported by the City of Bergen from its beginning, and the running of the workshop has been made possible by the Norwegian Arts Council.

Other instances who have supported the program during shorter periods are:
Kulturkontakt Nord/Nordic Culture Point – 1 yr. (2015/16)
Norske kunsthåndverkere 2 yrs (2013/14)

Please click here for more information

Artist Talk with Æsa Björk and Anne Petters

Welcome to S12´s last Artist talk hosted in Skostredet 12. At this event we will present two outstanding artists who work with glass in a way rarely to be seen in Norway.

Æsa Björk and Anne Petters both challenge the boundaries of glass as a material in combination with other media such as video, sound and light.
Æsa Björk’s exhibition “Shield II” can be seen in S12’s gallery where Anne Petters also will present some results from her period as Artist in Residence in S12.

The presentations will be held on Saturday, April 14th. 2:00 p.m.
The event is free, coffee and tea will be served.

Æsa Björk (Iceland) graduated from Edinburgh College of Art, with a BA (Hons) in 1995 and  MDes in 1997. Early on in her career she focused on glass as a sculptural material which led her to the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague – Umprum  as an exchange student in the studio of Vladimir Kopecky. The stay in Prague had a strong influence on her work, which continues to explore the conceptual and sculptural possibilities of glass, often in combination with other media and materials. She has been an Artist in Residence at the Pilchuck Glass School (EAiR), the Corning Museum of Glass and the sculpture department at NYSCC Alfred University USA 2011-2014, where she also taught. Her work has been shown internationally and is included in the collections of KODE Art Museums in Bergen and the National Museum in Oslo. The body is a constantly recurring theme in her art, which consists of both sculpture and installations. She often works with bold and poetic glass sculptures that incorporate both photo and video. She currently lives and works in Bergen where she is an artistic advisor for S12 Open access studio and Gallery, which she established in 2007. S12 has since grown to become an internationally renowned glass art institution.

Anne Petters is a multi media artist with a strong background in glass. She received a Diploma in Fine Arts from the Institute for Ceramics and Glass Art, Hoehr-Grenzhausen, Germany and a MFA in Sculpture/ Glass from Alfred University, New York. Born in Dresden in 1978 she grew up in the German Democratic Republic. She understands the political change in her country, which she experienced as a displacement of reality, as a basic influence on her lifestyle and artistic work. Her interest in controlling and displaying moments of our fleeting, vulnerable existence leads her to a poetic, metaphoric use of glass and other materials, including natural phenomena.  Anne Petters has been awarded numerous artist residencies, including a fellowship at Wheaton Arts New Jersey in 2012, a residency at the Edinburgh College of Art 2013-2014, the Emerging Artists in Residence at the Pilchuck Glass School, Washington and a visiting scholar residency at the Southern Illinois University. In 2014 Anne Petters received the prestigious Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) Scholarship for excellence in British Craft, London, GB. She taught as Visiting Lecturer at the Royal College of Art and is currently leading the glass studio at the City and Guilds of London Art School.


RuiSasaki_1 web

During the last months our workshop, project room and gallery has been filled with new experiments by Rui Sasaki (b. 1984, jp) who has used her time as an artist in residence in S12 to investigate the relationship between the weather – with emphasis on rain, and herself.

Sasaki is a conceptual artist who mainly works with transparent materials such as glass and ice. She is using glass as a medium for preservation and documentation of different kind of ”weather residues”, and is seeking, among other, ways to conserve, visualize and move sunlight from one place to another. This has led her to investigate self-illuminating glass that absorbs UV light such as sunshine and emits it in the dark without any light resources.

In the exhibition, PLUVIOPHILE (a lover of rain), an installation of self-illuminating glass is shown, while the theme of rain is central. Sasaki is interested in people’s relationship to the rain and how this weather phenomena influences us physically, mentally and culturally. Sasaki has captured, collected and frozen the Bergen rain in hot casted glass sculptures. In her own unique way, she has moved the weather indoors, made it more manageable and partially eliminated its ephemeral sides. The weather has become something physical she can study, shape and control.

Rui Sasakis main investigation is cast glass in a space, but she also works with the body, performance, video and photography. Sasaki graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in June 2010 with a Master of Fine Arts in Glass. She has taught glass and contemporary art at Rhode Island School of Design, Worcester State University in the US, and Kyoto University of Art and Design in Japan. She has been invited to many Artist in Residence programs around the world, and her work has been exhibited in Denmark, Italy, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Australia, Korea, Japan, and a number of places in the US. Her work is part of the permanent collections at the Museum of American Glass (US), Glasmuseet Ebeltoft (DK), the Ernsting Stiftung (DE), the city of Lommel (BE) and many private collections. Sasaki is living and working in Toyama, Japan.

This is the second time S12 is showing work by Rui Sasaki. The first time was in 2013 as part of the group exhibition Young & Loving!

Vernissage May 20 at 7 pm.

Rui Sasaki in S12

Rui Sasaki is an Artist in Residence at S12 during April & May. She is a Japanese conceptual artist mainly using transparent materials such as glass and ice in her work. In S12 she will be investigating the weather – including the rain, local plants, architecture and space – empty spaces, intimate spaces, abandoned spaces.

During the first part of her stay, she will be creating new works and showing them as they come to being – be they ready or not. She will be inviting the visitor to come close and to follow the process of creating new works, to the experimentation with the material and its form. The visitor will be invited to follow her till the end, or until the official opening of her processed based exhibition/installation PLUVIOPHILE on the 20th of May. The opening will mark the second phase of her stay in S12.

This is the second time S12 presents works by Rui Sasaki, the first time was during the exhibition Young & Loving! in 2013.

Young & Loving !

Young & Loving !  Welcome to the 2015  edition, opening on October 2nd at 19.oo

Young and Loving! is a humorous translation of “young and promising”, pointing to the exhibition’s focus on newly graduated artists. An exploratory approach to glass as part of an artistic expression is a particular feature of the exhibition concept, which was developed by S12 in 2007.

Participating artists are Mika Aoki (jp), Eirin Bjørsland Hansen (no), Julia Chamberlain (us),
Karin Forslund (se), Doreen Garner (usa), Riikka Haapasaari (fin) and Zuzana Kubelková (cz).

Doreen Garner and Mika Aoki will be present at the opening.

Doreen Garner