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Our new workshop is taking shape!

After a lot of hard work we are finally out of Skostredet and ready for new beginnings at Bontelabo 2. Kilns and furnace are up and running – and ready for new and exciting projects.

These last months Æsa Björk has been working on her upcoming exhibition in Venice, Patricia Sichmanova has been producing work for her solo show in Bratisalva and Julie Kausland from Formbar in Haugesund has visited us to assist Jessie Blackmer on our new and ongoing project with music instruments made of glass. At the beginning of May we will finally start a new series of glassblowing classes.

2nd of May: Glassblowing classes for beginners 18+
This is for the beginning glass blower who is interested in gaining proficiency in the basics of glassblowing. We begin with collecting molten glass from the furnace, using hand tools to shape the glass, and blowing bubbles into the hot glass. We move on from basic skill building to create functional and sculptural works appropriate to the ideas and abilities of the individual students. Class sizes are small, (limited to 3 people) to ensure everyone gets personalized attention and practice time.

Next course:  2. May, 9. May, 16. May and 23. May from 17:00-18:30.
4 weeks:  kr 2.380 per person

Contact us at post (at) to sign up!

NB: Our opening hours will continue to be reduced in April as we still have to organize our space and get ready for our opening in May.

Moving time!

S12 is moving to Bontelabo 2!
In February we will say goodbye to Skostredet 12 after 11 years.

S12 Galleri og Verksted will be closed during February. Follow us to know when we will open in our new location at Bontelabo 2.

FUNN 2016


Vi har åpnet FUNN -en salgsutstilling med kunst og design fra vår egen samling. De fleste arbeidene er laget i S12 og donert til oss av kunstnere som har deltatt i vår unike gjestekunstnerordning. Her finner du alt fra skulpturer og glassbilder til drikkeglass og julekuler. Til den ekstra kreative tilbyr vi gavekort på glassblåsing.
De gode julegavene får du i S12!


Vi har åpent onsdag – søndag 12-17
Alt salg går uavkortet til driften av vårt gjestekunstnerprogram.


Vernissage  September 23rd at 7 p.m.

Observations of different phenomenon and conditions may be highlighted as a characteristic feature of this 10th edition of Young & Loving! Where wearable art, digitalised crafts and kinetic sculptures are presented.

Young & Loving! Is a humorous translation of “young and promising”, pointing to the exhibition’s focus on newly graduated artists. An exploratory approach to glass as part of an artistic expression is a particular feature of the exhibition concept, which was developed by S12 in 2007.

The artists participating are: Verena Schatz (Austria), Margarida Alves (Portugal), Madisyn Zable (Australia), Bryan Kekst Brown (USA), Erek Nass (USA) and Patricia Sichmanova (Slovakia).

Time and change are central in the works of Verena Schatz and Bryan Brown. Schatz is fascinated by transformational processes. In the pieces showing in S12, she has investigated the soft and fluid state of glass. The result is dynamic sculptures which imply the freezing of time and of movement. Brown on the other hand investigates how we understand matter and time through a series of “wearables”. Each work is in the process of undergoing a physical or chemical change. When placed on the body, the wearer becomes an active participant in the process, through exposure to body heat, oxygen, and conductivity.

Madisyn Zabel combines traditional craft techniques and digital technology to create installations, where she examines spatial relationships between three-dimensional objects and their twodimensional representations. Handmade objects are rendered in CAD to view them from different perspectives. Reimagining the internal structure of the cast glass form, she creates string drawings that project the implied shadow of the object into space. Her work has a strong geometrical foundation, which we also see in the abstract and minimalistic object of Patricia Sichmanova who most times are inspired by nature and mathematics. A desire to capture the movements of real life is the base for Sichmanovas kinetic sculptures, which like water, can be put in motion by a small wind or the slightest touch.

Erek Nass experiments with the materials of light and water. The studies of these materials often begin with making digital photographs and videos of natural phenomena. Around these images, three-dimensional installations are constructed. The installations strive to transform the subject at hand into another means of expression. What might have been a micro-moment shifts with emphasized focus. Impermanence and the variables of perception are two central concepts in Nass’s work.

Subjects concerning existentialism, such as the phenomena of our being, alterity, origin are always present in the work of Margarida Alves. In Young & Loving! She will be showing the work “Mediterranean tales from underneath the sea”, which searches for a poetic approach to the human condition.

Verena Schatz and Margarida Alves are both showing new pieces created during their residency in S12.

Palo Macho: The Glass Canvas

Med glasset som..

In this solo exhibition we´ll get to know the unique and distinctive glass paintings of the internationally renowned artist Palo Macho (b. 1965, Slovakia).

Palo Macho  is one of the most original contemporary glass artists in Slovakia, known for his innovative approach to glass. His artistic expression and technique differs from the Slovak glass school where glass objects perfectly cut in to geometric shapes with optical qualities are central. As both a painter and a glassmaker he is expanding the limits of the two disciplines.

The paintings of Palo Macho differ in many ways from the traditional glass painting and two-dimensional paintings in general. Macho creates abstract and lyric paintings where he shapes and molds the surface as well as the inner layers of the glass. By mixing transparent and opaque glass and dividing the surface into matte and translucent areas he creates an interesting and vibrant expression which changes according to the light it is exposed to. His pictures or “picture objects” as some call them, are reversible and can be experienced from multiple angles. By assembling together several layers of painted and processed sheet glass he achieves depth and inner space in his work.

Despite the fact that most of his pictures do not have a recognizable narrative, some of his pictures may be perceived as particularly scenic – and thus give the spectator the opportunity to attribute their own stories. Since we are not given descriptive titles, we are left to trust our own aesthetic experience when interpreting the work.

Palo Macho began working with glass in 1980 at the Secondary School of Applied Arts of Glass in former Czechoslovakia where he studied until 1986. Beginning in 1989, he continued his studies in glass at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia, under Juraj Gavula, a glass artist noted for his contemporary mixed-media works. Macho also has a background in painting and design that has influenced his glass art. He studied painting and fine arts in 1993, at the École des Beaux Arts in St. Etienne, France. Today he works as an assist. Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Macho has shown his work in various European countries, Japan and USA. This is his first solo exhibition in Norway.

Vernissage 12th of August at 7 pm

Introduksjonskurs i Glassblåsing

De tre første torsdagene i april (7. 14. 21.) inviterer vi til introduksjonskurs i glassblåsing, hvor deltakerne får et innblikk i grunnprinsippene innen arbeid med varmt glass. Hver deltaker vil få nærkontakt med materialet og oppleve hvordan man med pust, verktøy og tyngdekraften gradvis kan forme den glødende massen til et solid men likevel skjørt objekt. Målet er at alle skal få prøve å lage sitt eget glass. Det vil bli gitt god veiledning, så ingen tidligere erfaring er nødvendig. Kurset passer for voksne over 18 år.

Maks 4 deltakere pr. kurs
Varighet: ca. 2 timer. Fra kl. 18:00
Kr 500 pr. pers.

Påmelding med ønsket dag sendes til
Vi tar forbehold om avlysning dersom kursene ikke blir fulltegnet.


The exhibition BRYTNINGER is opening Friday the 5th of February at 07.oo p.m. Four artists with different backgrounds (art/research/science) are presenting work where the interaction between light and glass are important factors. By using neon or natural light, old Murano techniques or new technologies Anna-Lea Kopperi, Enrico Tommaso De Paris, Alan Jaras and Robert Wiley are making the gallery come to live with interesting light-experiments.

The exhibition is made in collaboration with Venice Art Factory and is curated by Bjørn I. Follevaag, Francesca Giubilei and Bergljot Jonsdottir.

plakat jpg brytning

Workshop Manager

S12 Open Access Studio and Gallery
Is looking for a Workshop Manager to join its team
for a minimum of one year, starting no later than August/September 2015.

S12 is an Open Access Studio and Gallery placed on street level, in the very heart of Bergen, Norway. S12 is a centre for exploration, experimentation and dissemination of contemporary glass art. For a list of equipment, information about our activities and photos of the workshop and the gallery, please visit  read more on

March & April 2015

UNG15  works by 10 young artists, who have participated in a 10 weeks workshop in S12 will open April 25th at 2 p.m.

youth_anasia    March 20th  –  April 19th 
Solo exhibition with works by John Moran will opening on March 20th, with the artist present. The opening will include music with DJ Henrik Svanevik.   Light refreshments.

Demo:  John Moran will give a demo in hot sculpted glass on Saturday 18th of April  between 12.oo – 4.oo  p.m.

John Moran is an artist in residence at  S12 until April 20th

Educational activities like  the SundaySchool, FamilyWorkshops UNG 15  &  Den Kulturelle Skolesekken  will take place every week until the first weekend in May.