Vernissage  September 23rd at 7 p.m.

Observations of different phenomenon and conditions may be highlighted as a characteristic feature of this 10th edition of Young & Loving! Where wearable art, digitalised crafts and kinetic sculptures are presented.

Young & Loving! Is a humorous translation of “young and promising”, pointing to the exhibition’s focus on newly graduated artists. An exploratory approach to glass as part of an artistic expression is a particular feature of the exhibition concept, which was developed by S12 in 2007.

The artists participating are: Verena Schatz (Austria), Margarida Alves (Portugal), Madisyn Zable (Australia), Bryan Kekst Brown (USA), Erek Nass (USA) and Patricia Sichmanova (Slovakia).

Time and change are central in the works of Verena Schatz and Bryan Brown. Schatz is fascinated by transformational processes. In the pieces showing in S12, she has investigated the soft and fluid state of glass. The result is dynamic sculptures which imply the freezing of time and of movement. Brown on the other hand investigates how we understand matter and time through a series of “wearables”. Each work is in the process of undergoing a physical or chemical change. When placed on the body, the wearer becomes an active participant in the process, through exposure to body heat, oxygen, and conductivity.

Madisyn Zabel combines traditional craft techniques and digital technology to create installations, where she examines spatial relationships between three-dimensional objects and their twodimensional representations. Handmade objects are rendered in CAD to view them from different perspectives. Reimagining the internal structure of the cast glass form, she creates string drawings that project the implied shadow of the object into space. Her work has a strong geometrical foundation, which we also see in the abstract and minimalistic object of Patricia Sichmanova who most times are inspired by nature and mathematics. A desire to capture the movements of real life is the base for Sichmanovas kinetic sculptures, which like water, can be put in motion by a small wind or the slightest touch.

Erek Nass experiments with the materials of light and water. The studies of these materials often begin with making digital photographs and videos of natural phenomena. Around these images, three-dimensional installations are constructed. The installations strive to transform the subject at hand into another means of expression. What might have been a micro-moment shifts with emphasized focus. Impermanence and the variables of perception are two central concepts in Nass’s work.

Subjects concerning existentialism, such as the phenomena of our being, alterity, origin are always present in the work of Margarida Alves. In Young & Loving! She will be showing the work “Mediterranean tales from underneath the sea”, which searches for a poetic approach to the human condition.

Verena Schatz and Margarida Alves are both showing new pieces created during their residency in S12.