Avtrykk av pust

Through breathing, we share the air that surrounds us. What is the shape of breath?

This project gives people of all ages an opportunity to shape warm glass with their breath as the only tool. By using your breath to expand the boundaries of the material the liquid glass will be pushed to its limits and stiffen. This will capture the shape of your breath. The fragile shape will cool quickly after it’s blown, and the you will have time to hold and experience your breath. All expressions of breath will be displayed in S12’s project room and be a “work in process” exhibition while it is produced. Friday it will be completed and will be open to the public for a week.

Come and find the answer as to what shape your breath takes and how it feels to hold it in your hands. In S12 Studio and gallery during the autumn break.

Make the invisible community we all share through breathing visible! Read more