Young & Loving!

Vernissage Friday 6th of October at 7 pm!

Welcome to the opening of Young & Loving! an exhibition with a personal and social political tone.

Young & Loving! Is a humorous translation of “young and promising”, pointing to the exhibition’s focus on newly graduated artists. An exploratory approach to glass as part of an artistic expression is a particular feature of the exhibition concept, which was developed by S12 in 2007.

This year’s artists are Elizabeth Cote (US), Ito Laïla Le François (CA), Adéla Lakomá (CZ),  Alexandra Muresan (RO), Leana Quade (US) and Nate Ricciuto (US).


Elizabeth Cote´s sculptures show the mind metaphorically in the states of depression, mania, and balance. The detailed cast glass allows a viewing similar to the way one might look at a picture book, searching for the details of the story which are all packed into a single image.

Through Ito Laïla Le François’s installation we are confronted with the negative impact we humans have on the earth and the sea, and the artist’s sense of powerlessness in her attempt to contribute to change. Le François’s work addresses topics such as boat refugees, overfishing, oil spill and problems related to our use of plastic.

Adéla Lakomá deals in her work with her family tradition of agriculture. Through her artistic focus and in her works, she breaks with a tradition that has been in her family for generations. In her art, she creates objects inspired by agriculture   and thus, keeps the family tradition alive in her own expressive way.

Alexandra Muresan combines glass with metal meshes and objects, renewing the old technique of glass making and demonstrating the glass’s modernity. She is showing two works, where one is called  “Don’t push me …” – a reflection of the way we push nature and our environment towards breaking point through invasive industrial behavior.

Leana Quade utilizes glass in a surrealistic sense that invites the viewers to question the material and what they are seeing. She seeks to provide the viewer with an opportunity to perceive glass in a new way and think again about how it acts, moves and functions. The goal is to inspire curiosity by revealing the mystical properties of glass and to shed new light on the surprising characteristics and capabilities of glass as an artistic material.

Nate Ricciuto´s work combines material and historical concerns in considering the ways that optical devices and technology have utilized glass and ultimately shaped how we perceive the world and understand our place in it. In many of his works, he constructs living systems and absurd objects that simultaneously embrace and question our innate curiosity and stubborn artificiality.

Open until 5t of November