Young and Loving 2014

During this year’s “Young & Loving!” exhibition we show the work of 8 emerging artists who each in their own way touch upon the subject of Man and Nature. In their work they collect, systemize, observe, and capture the ephemeral through structure and tangible forms.

Young and Loving! is a humorous translation of “young and promising”, pointing to the exhibition’s focus on newly graduated artists. An exploratory approach to glass as part of an artistic expression is a particular feature of the exhibition concept, which was developed by S12 in 2007.

This years participating artists are: Birnur Derya Geylani (TR), Gracia Nash (US), Grit Jansen (DK), Kim Harty (US), Lene Tangen (NO), Maria Bang Espersen (DK), Max Syron (US) and Meng Du (CN),

On the opening night there will be a “burning hot” performance by Maria Bang Espersen and Max Syron. Bang Espersen is known for an untraditional and experimental approach to glass. In S12 she will together with Syron investigate what happens when hot glass meets a seemingly innocent apple.

There will also be a performance on Saturday the 16th at 2pm. Come join us and immerse yourself with the captivating qualities and incredible elasticity of glass. You might find yourself being captured in more ways than one when Bang Espersen and Syron start building their delicate glass thread structures.

Henrik Svanevik will be playing his records at the opening.


May Has Arrived !

During this month we will have 5 Artists in Residence, Mike Simi (leaving May3rd)  John Drury, Robbie Miller = CUD and Tinna Thorsteinsdottir (all 3 leaving May 18th).
May and all our activities, will be dominated by these artists as well as our artistic team Maria Frantzsen and Alli Hoag, assisting them.

Til Skostredet, our biggest community project ever, will take place from May 3rd through 16th – a project where we will keep an open house in our Gallery and Project room from 12.oo – 5.oo p.m. every day. We invite you all to come play with us and contribute to the making of a big mosaic work, a “doughnut-bench” both to be located outside in Skostredet.  We also invite you do participate by painting the Face of Bergen on bottles.  All bottles used are recycled, and have been emptied in Bergen 5017.  Selected bottles will be invited to be a part of the exhibition opening in S12 on May16th.

Instruments will also be created from May 8th More information coming soon.

The SundaySchool on May 3rd and 11th,     will  be a part of the project Til Skostredet.  Everyone will be able to participate, also the grownups.

Exhibition showing the result of our unique project Til Skostredet including a concert will open on May 16th

Skjermbilde 2014-05-11 kl. 10.59.39


CUD & Tinna  in  S12

The Residency of John Drury and Robert Miller, the CUD artist duo, will culminate in an exhibition opening Friday 16th of May.  In addition to preparing their own exhibition they have been working with us on: Til Skostredet, our biggest community project ever.

The exhibition:  “Sålebrødre”   “Solebrothers”  will include a lot of shoes – including the biggest shoe in Bergen made in mosaic.

The pianist TINNA from Iceland joined Robbie and John on the 9th of May and will participate in the opening on May16th with her own performance act: crying Piano, performed on GlassPiano, in addition to performing music by Alvin Lucier on both her Toypiano and a glass Tea-pot created in S12.

S12 in April

“Se Mitt Bilde !”, Last week,  last day is April 27th.
Siste utstillingsuke og siste dag søndagen 27. april.

AiR i S12:  Mike Simi has been working in the Studio all of April.
He was the top ranking scholarship recipient in Pilchuck Glass School in 2013.  A part of his scholarship was a residency in S12.  Mike is now working in S12, and will be until beginning of May. Alli Hoag assists him in the Studio.
Mike Simi

Se Mitt Bilde ! New Exhibition / Ny Utstilling

Velkommen til utstillingsåpning lørdag 5. april kl. 14.00. Utstillingen viser 163 selvportrett i glass, laget av like mange barn og realisert gjennom Den Kulturelle Skolesekken i S12 Galleri og Verksted. Utstillingen åpnes av ordfører Trude Drevland.

Welcome to our exhibition opening on Saturday April 5th, at 2pm. The exhibition shows 163 self-portrait in glass, made by the same number of children and realized through “The Cultural Rucksack” in S12 Open Access Studio and Gallery. The exhibition will be opened by Mayor Trude Drevland.

Se Mitt Bilde!

«Se mitt bilde!» er en av vårens viktigste utstillinger i Bergen.
I februar, mars og april har 163 barn fra flere skoler i Bergen deltatt på Den kulturelle skolesekken i S12 Galleri og Verksted. Her har de lært om selvportrett i kunsten og laget sitt eget selvportrett ved å sette sammen glassbiter til et bilde. Alle disse bildene vil nå bli vist på en egen utstilling som åpner lørdag 5. april kl. 14:00.

Ordfører Trude Drevland gjør stas på barna og holder tale på åpningen. Det blir servert kanapéer og noe godt å drikke til.

This Week in S12

Open House and Demonstration:
The Master Blower, Brad Turner, will demonstrate his glass blowing skills on Saturday 25th from 13.oo – 16.oo, assisted by Alli Hoag.
Brad Turner has been the Artist in Residence in March.
The Creative SundaySchool every Sunday between 12:oo – 17:oo
Kids from DKS continue making their portraits of glass
And Students from HAKU
The Gallery will be closed until 5th April when we open our next exhibition.

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S12 in March

Exhibition:  +46708420971,  Fredrik Nielsen, until 23rd of March
AiR i S12:  Brad Turner from Canada.  In S12 through March
Søndagsskolen / SundaySchool every Sunday
DKS  about  160 portraits are being made in S12 this month !


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In S12 !

Fredrik Nielsen in S12S12 and Skostredet at its best.  Not to be missed!   
An Exhibition Opening, Glassblowing Show, DJ with his music, Artist Talk and more music from the 80s!

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Opening Friday 14th at 19.oo, an exhibition by Fredrik Nielsen, with a Glassblowing show where Fredrik will be assisted by the artists Alli Hoag, Terese Longva and Maria Frantzsen.  All this accompanied by the DJ Henrik Svanevik , and followed by a colorful artist presentation.

S12 and Skostredet at its best.  Not to be missed!